When fulfilling our dreams many factors can be responsible for the eventual outcome. Though, what many of us fail to see is that the power is literally in our own hands.

Think about the essential components that you read in every millionaires book. Each one of them describes the unmissable presence of qualities like dedication, persistence, resilience, knowledge, and even a bit of luck.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I fully agree with the importance of the aforementioned qualities. But there’s more to it than meets the eye.

What about the mental aspects that hinder us from fulfilling our dreams? Think about fear of failure, social anxiety, beliefs of inadequacy et cetera.

We simply can’t ‘think’ those away with knowledge and resilience. In theory it’s possible of course, but the journey wouldn’t be half as easy and joyful as without those, often unnecessary, crippling fears.

Fulfilling your dreams: unrealistic or just not ready?

The reason that I’m writing this article is because I’ve actually struggled with this myself. Ever since I was a teen I’ve always had these crazy unrealistic dreams (or so I was told).

I had a fierce desire of living the life I wanted, but sadly remained paralyzed by my fear of failure. It wasn’t until I reached the age of 23 that I finally stood up, made changes in my mindset, and went for it anyway.

And yes, I eventually turned one of those dreams into a reality.

9 steps to a happy fulfilling life
Me during my 2-month Road Trip through America

Below I have outlined 9 steps for you that, not only will make you extremely self-aware, but will also help you to take control over your own life.

1. (Re)discover what your strengths are

This first step is crucial when fulfilling dreams. As you discover your ability to choose, you will also learn who you really are inside.

Think about this for a few minutes. Who are you?

Who are you as a person? What are your principles?

But also: What are you good at? What skills come naturally to you? What are your best personality traits? There are no wrong answers here.

Everyone should be able to answer these questions, each in their own beautiful diversity.

Find that strength within you, embrace it, and use it in your advantage.

Discover your strengths for fulfilling your dreams

2. Accept that you have chosen your current life.

This one may sound a bit harsh, and I mean this with all respect, but it’s true as toast. We have chosen the life we’re living now.

Yes, I realize that life can be influenced by external circumstances. Yes, sometimes things really overcome us. And yes, there are extreme exceptions.

Still, we choose how we react to those circumstances nonetheless, both mentally as physically.

Look at it this way, it would actually be worse if things would overcome us repeatedly without us being able to do something. Having that said, being able to choose your actions as a consequence of bad circumstances is actually a blessing in disguise.

So, how to change things for the better?

The first step to creating a better life is thinking differently about yourself. To get out of your ‘straitjacket’, you must first consciously accept that you’ve chosen the victim role you are playing now, one way or another.

Stop defending the reasons why you’re stuck (no money, no time, no energy et cetera) and start working on yourself.

Nobody but you can fulfill those unrealistic yet super possible dreams.

Train your brain for fulfilling dreams in the future

3. Know what you really want

Speaking of dreams; what are your dreams? Knowing what you want is the third step in the transformation process.

It’s an essential ingredient if you want to make better decisions. Because, well, what else are you going to predicate those actions upon?

When you begin to realize who you really are (as mentioned in number 1), you gain a stronger sense of self. That level of awareness will give you the ability to choose.

When you are reconnected with your ability to see, you will know what you want. It’s all connected.

However, keep in mind that knowing what you want, doesn’t mean you will automatically get it. We’ll dive deeper into this in the following chapters.

A note book that is used for people for fulfilling your dreams

4. Develop an irresistible desire for fulfilling your dreams

Some people know what they want since kindergarten. Some people still don’t know at 53. It’s okay if you still haven’t figured it out yet.

I was one of those students who couldn’t specialize. An all-rounder all around, who was terrified of having limited options. Although I still have some tendencies of that behavior, I do know what I want now.

How did I figure it out? Well, things just came on my path and I just went along with it. It was all incredibly accidentally, but I kept an open mind anyway.

Apparently sometimes we have to let go to find what we’re looking for.

However, there are still ways to incite our inner desires, most of which are locked in a cage that is categorized under ‘I can’t do it’.

I want you to think about the following: What gives you butterflies of excitement? What kind of life do you want to tell to your grand kids about?

Don’t force yourself to give an answer. Give it time if the feeling doesn’t come naturally. But once you’ve found it, never let it go.

A black photo with colored words written on it that help with fulfilling your dreams

5. Choose to be the one who can have what you want

The next step is choosing to be the person that already has accomplished his / her dreams. Most people forget this step, but it’s probably the most important one.

Visualization can be a great asset in completing this part. The self image that you create in your chosen reality determines what you can or cannot receive from life.

Did you know that when you desire something só badly that you can almost touch it, you’re already getting closer to making it a reality?

Precisely by your determination of fulfilling your dreams will you find the real power behind your abilities.


6. Transform yourself into the person you want to be

After you’ve visualized being the person you want to be, it’s time to actually become that person. It’s time for a transformation of consciousness.

Simply put, this means a change in your thinking. It means changing the way you think about yourself and how you relate to the circumstances of your reality.

This sounds difficult, but it’s actually a simple process that requires 30 minutes a day for approximately a month.

Instead of visualizing the person you want to become, you must now inherently believe that you already are that person.

Listening to Hypnosis MP3 can be of great help in achieving that. Just like with a real hypnotherapists, an online hypnosis audio places new suggestions into your subconscious mind that help with developing a new mindset.

It becomes easier to change your habits and to become a better version of yourself. Download these free hypnosis MP3’s to test the effects for yourself.


7. Understand the upcoming resistance

The next phase revolves around understanding and overcoming resistance towards change. As humans we tend to possess a natural amount of it. This could be internal resistance, external resistance or both.

We generally find it convenient to continue with what we’ve always done before.

Change is difficult. It’s scary. It brings alterations in your and other person’s surrounding. That’s why the people who are negatively affected by the change will always resist it, yourself included.

But also those who maintain their own habits for years.

When others break free from their habits, start taking risks, and doing new things, other people will start to see in you what they feel that they lack themselves.

This can happen either due to their insecurities or lack of creativity and will.

It’s important to observe the resistance of others and your own. Identify it, and accept it as a natural consequence of taking steps into the unknown.

It’s scary at first, but oh-so rewarding when you succeed.

A man that is tired from the resistance when fulfilling dreams

8. Overcome the resistance

In the previous step (understanding the upcoming resistance) we spoke about identifying and understanding the resistance of yourself and others. Now it’s time to overcome it.

Your own resistance mainly occurs in the form of inner discussions. It’s that little voice in the back of your head summing up reasons why the change cannot and should not happen. Or tries to convince you that you’re not capable of making that change by yourself.

About 60% of people give up and fail to accomplish accomplish their goals during this period of emotional confusion.

It’s important to ignore this inner voice and remain focused on fulfilling your dreams. More often than not we’re capable of so much more than we give ourselves credit for.

Read also: 3 Easy Ways to Train The Power of Your Subconscious Mind.

Graffiti on a wall saying trust your struggle when fulfilling your dreams

9. Set up a support group

The difficulty of this step is dependent on the people you’ve surrounded yourself with over the past few years.

As mentioned in step 7 (understanding the upcoming resistance) people who are ‘negatively’ affected by your plans have the tendency to resist your plans.

That’s why, during this final step, it is important to surround yourself with people that support and encourage you.

The road to success will become a lot easier because of it, as you’re no longer absorbing the negative energy of others.

This can be quite difficult when there are family members involved. In that case, it might be best to temporarily avoid the topic and save it for those who encourage you.

A stone hand that is lifting a tree up in the air resembling a support group for fulfilling your dreams

Fulfilling your dreams with full commitment

If you want to follow the steps from the transformation process to the end, you need to understand the importance of full commitment.

It all depends on the choices we make. 60% of the people lack the full commitment that is necessary for their dream to happen.

To be someone who fulfills their dreams, you have to give up being someone who doesn’t. This requires a consciousness transformation and the ability to overcome resistance.

But the greatest truth you can learn about life is that we become what we think.

I hope this inspires you to take responsibility for your own life and way of thinking.

As the famous writer Dale Carnegie once said: “Most of the important things have been accomplished by those who kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.”

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