Discover our 100 positive affirmations for anxiety that you can use to become a better version of yourself, free from fears and self-doubt.

An affirmation is a short sentence that is used to reinforce a positive idea, emotion, or attitude. They can be simple statements to increase a general self-love and confidence, but can also consist of more complicated concepts meant to reinforce a career or a lifestyle.

Affirmations for anxiety are an important part of self-help culture, and many people use them to combat a destructive amount of anxiety and distress.

A standard affirmation routine can decrease your stress levels, improve your ability to sleep and eat normally, and even help you perceive others as helpful and friendly instead of threatening and judgmental.

They work as much as you’re willing to let them. Choose a few positive phrases, and try repeating them every day. Before you know it, you’ll be in the habit of having happy and productive thoughts.

If you’re looking for specific examples, learning these 100 positive affirmations for anxiety can be a great place to start.

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What Are Affirmations Used For?

Affirmations are used to change your thought patterns into something more positive and productive.

Anxiety affirmations in specific are used to calm your nerves and overwrite negative thoughts, while affirmations for fear are used to create a sense of inner safety.

In general, affirmations might be used to:

  • Improving your self-confidence;
  • Reinforcing new thought patterns;
  • Increasing focus on a particular skill;
  • Chasing an important life goal;

Although affirmations are incredibly useful, it’s important to recognize that they only have the ability to shape your internal thought processes.

You can’t use an affirmation to sculpt reality, but you can use an affirmation to sculpt the way that you react to the reality that’s presented to you.

Affirmations for anxiety are generally recommended for patients who complain about constant negative thought patterns.

If you can’t seem to think anything good about yourself naturally, you may need to artificially give yourself a few compliments through constructive affirmations.

Many people – subconsciously – already use affirmation-style thinking to get through difficult situations. They are designed to lift you up and help you handle whatever you’re struggling with.

Do Affirmations Really Work?

Affirmations aren’t magic, but they’re still a highly effective form of mental therapy. The way that affirmations work is by training your brain to think along certain thought patterns.

Many people accidentally train their minds for anxiety, nervousness, and doubt. Positive affirmation training lets you rebuild your thought patterns into something far more happiness inducing and productive.

Affirmations are used to help build a self-identity that can withstand problems without shattering. They are used to craft a narrative about yourself, and, as you start to believe this narrative, you will subconsciously take actions that align with it.

One of the important features needed to make affirmations work is a willingness to deserve the praise that you’re giving yourself.

If you say “I learn new things every day” but don’t actually try to learn, your affirmation will fizzle out. You have to believe in the affirmations, want the changes, and (if not subconsciously) consciously take the actions that fit your new personality.

Luckily, if you actually stick to your affirmation training, you will see documented results.

All 100 Positive Affirmations for Anxiety

  1. I am worthy of being heard by others
  2. I have the strength to achieve anything I desire.
  3. I possess the willpower needed to succeed.
  4. I am good at my job and excited for my career prospects.
  5. I believe in myself.
  6. I am successful at everything I do.
  7. I love myself unconditionally.
  8. I improve my life every day.
  9. My body is healthy and happy.
  10. I am beautiful.
  11. I am surrounded by people who love me.
  12. I am confident, clever, and capable.
  13. I am highly charismatic.
  14. I will make the right decisions at the right times.
  15. My thoughts are my best friends.
  16. I make my own decisions.
  17. I am strong, brave, and resourceful.
  18. I am the master of my own thoughts.
  19. I am fully capable of making necessary changes to my life.
  20. I have the strength I need to move forward.
  21. My impact on this world is beautiful and positive.
  22. I take responsibility for my own actions.
  23. My desires are worth pursuing.
  24. I am worthy of happiness and love.
  25. I feel healthier and stronger every day.
  26. I love new experiences.
  27. I’m excited to learn something new every single day.
  28. I love every little bit of myself.
  29. Today is worth living, and I am worth being a part of it.
  30. My life is good and only getting better.
  31. My emotions are valid, but my reactions are tempered.
  32. I am safe and all is well.
  33. I can choose how to react to any situation.
  34. I can overcome any obstacle.
  35. I can do anything I set my mind to.
  36. I’m on my way to a brighter future.
  37. I pay attention to every situation.
  38. I’m allowed to dictate my own thoughts and actions.
  39. I deserve to live a life free from fears.
  40. I am skilled and talented.
  41. I can always stay calm and relaxed.
  42. I’d rather understand than argue.
  43. I like resolving conflicts peacefully.
  44. I’m good at listening to other people.
  45. I work hard and achieve great results.
  46. My skills make me useful.
  47. I possess an extreme amount of confidence in myself.
  48. I am surrounded by people who care about me.
  49. I’m excited to see what the world has to offer today.
  50. My hobbies make me feel happy and fulfilled.
  51. I like hanging out with my friends.
  52. I am an excellent speaker.
  53. I can handle unexpected circumstances.
  54. I’m ready for anything.
  55. My life is full of good opportunities.
  56. My work is helpful and fulfilling.
  57. I have an easy time starting conversations.
  58. I love to learn about people’s lives.
  59. I’m brave enough to talk to anyone, with confidence.
  60. I feel comfortable in any environment.
  61. I can recognize and address my emotions.
  62. I trust the people in my life.
  63. I trust myself.
  64. I respect myself.
  65. I value myself.
  66. I love being me.
  67. I know how to address any problem.
  68. I know the right thing to do, and I’m going to do it.
  69. My life gets easier with every step I take.
  70. I forgive myself for my mistakes of the past.
  71. I can and will accept the forgiveness of others.
  72. I deserve to experience wonderful things.
  73. I am safe in my environment.
  74. Every day is beautiful and should be treasured.
  75. I am secure in my ability to speak for myself.
  76. I know who loves me and don’t need outside approval.
  77. I am better than the struggles I face.
  78. I am in the middle of a positive and changing process.
  79. I put into the world what I want to get out of it.
  80. My heart is pure, honest and good.
  81. I am wanted by others.
  82. I am worthy of the blessings I receive.
  83. If I try, I will be rewarded.
  84. The universe cares about me.
  85. I am received positively wherever I go.
  86. I love the world, and the world loves me back.
  87. My entire body is relaxed and at peace.
  88. I can weather any feelings because I know that good times will come.
  89. My emotions do not define me.
  90. Even if I can’t see the positive side, I know that it exists.
  91. Life will turn out better than I expect it to.
  92. I have the courage I need to take action.
  93. My ideas are worth thinking; I don’t need to shut myself down.
  94. My life is worth living.
  95. I believe in my own potential.
  96. I am ready to find prosperity and joy wherever I go.
  97. I remain calm under high amounts of stress.
  98. I am a fantastic communicator
  99. My work is excellent and deserves to be seen.
  100. I am cheerful, happy and grateful.

How Often Should You Repeat These Affirmations For Anxiety?

Every person in need of these affirmations ends up using them differently.

Some people like to say their affirmations first thing in the morning, while others only go through their affirmations at night. Others love to scream their affirmations out loud on the road, or only when things get difficult.

There is no golden rule to applying these affirmations, so pick a method that fits to your personal needs.

Before developing a mental routine, however, we recommend you to choose 1 to 5 anti anxiety affirmations that really resonate with you. Feel free to select from the list above.

You can also write your own affirmations to suit your personal needs. Either way, list your affirmations on a piece of paper and post it in a place where you will see it continuously throughout the day.

Once your affirmations are selected, try to memorize all of them. You should be able to repeat your affirmations to yourself with your eyes closed. Don’t worry too much about the wording; it’s fine to rephrase an affirmation as long as the intent is the same.

A woman enjoying the effect of the 100 positive affirmations for anxiety and fear

Finding & Following Your Own Schedule

Now that you know your affirmations, you can set up a schedule to help yourself practice thinking positively. Morning affirmations are a great place to start; get out of bed, and spend 10-15 minutes thinking positively about yourself.

Some people like to set a timer, while others like to go through their affirmations a set number of times.

Another good time for affirmations is in the evening when you get home from work. Some people like to have different morning and evening affirmations. Use any process that works for you, but try to remain consistent.

If you follow the same affirmation pattern for several months, you’ll notice significant improvement in your thought process and confidence overall.

The entire affirmation practice will prepare you for overall happiness and confidence, handling stressful situations and / or a preventing a panic attack.

When your anxiety starts to creep up on you, take a moment to collect yourself and mentally repeat a few positive phrases.

Many people find that the repetition of good thoughts is an effective way to combat an onslaught of negative ideas, especially when they are extremely stressed.

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