Want to learn how to become a hypnotherapist (online)? Hypnotherapists can do some pretty amazing stuff. Simply by adopting methods that utilize the power of our own mind. All without medication, shady pills and hours and hours of talking.

So yeah, as of 2020 hypnotherapist can perform amazing and mind-blowing treatments to heal mental and sometimes even physical complaints.

Fortunately, as the knowledge of our subconscious mind increases, so does hypnotherapy’s popularity worldwide. Even more so than ever before.

But how to become a hypnotherapist? Where to start? And, as the corona is still spreading, is it possible to get your certificates online?

This article will cover everything in how to become a hypnotherapist (online):

  1. Where to start when becoming a hypnotherapist?
  2. Which hypnotherapy specialization should you choose?
  3. The differences between an online and traditional hypnotherapy training
  4. What is the difference between online and traditional hypnotherapy training?
  5. How to become a hypnotherapist online?
  6. What are the advantages of an online hypnotherapy training?
  7. Is an online certificate equivalent to a traditional certificate?
  8. Things you need to look out for when choosing an online hypnosis course
  9. Where to find the best hypnotherapy training online?
  10. What does it take to become a high quality hypnotherapist?
  11. What can I expect the regarding future salary?
  12. Questions about how to become a hypnotherapist online

Where to start when becoming a hypnotherapist?

First of all, for your own good and understanding, I advice you to surf the web for information about the available career paths for a hypnotherapists.

Decide whether or not you’d like to choose a particular branch / specialization within hypnotherapy, and acquire more insights once selected.

Because, well, there are different types of hypnotherapy out there, such as:

  • Cognitive hypnotherapy;
  • Hypno-psychotherapy;
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP);
  • Past-Life Regression;
  • Suggestion Therapy;
  • Timeline Therapy;
  • and many more.

Each therapy entails unique characteristics, roles, and techniques, which fully depend on each clients status and nature of the disorder.

In the next paragraph we’ll dig deeper into choosing specialization that fits your own personal wishes and desires.

A woman sitting in front of a specialized hypnotherapist with her hands folded within each other.

Which hypnotherapy specialization should you choose?

You’re probably wondering what to choose and which specialization will best fit our preferences. To put an end to this puzzling situation, I recommend you once again to do your research and learn more about all the possible specialization.

As an outcome, you’ll be able to select a career path that meets both of your desires and education qualifications.

The answer to this question fully depends on you. There is no right or wrong here.

Mind you, when passion becomes your purpose, sooner or later it’ill definitely become your profession. Our tip is to go for what your heart wants, and not for what your wallet is telling you. Perhaps you’ll find your own golden combination between those two.

Note that the pre-requisite qualities for learning hypnotherapy vary based upon the career path you want to choose. Carefully check for the requirements for each specialization.

Why do I tell you this? Well, for example, one specialization may require only a bachelor’s degree, whereas another requires a bachelor ánd a master’s degree, or a degree in combination with relevant medical science / health certificates.

Regardless, keep in mind that, eventually, you will find the right course for you.

Finding the right hypnosis training school

Once you have chosen your career path and you’re ready to get started, it’s time to consider the institutions or training academy you want to apply for.

If you’re adamant about taking traditional ‘physical’ lessons, I advice you to search the web for local institutions. I could make a list of all the international hypnotherapy institutions out there but, well, that would take me a while.

Therefore I recommend to simply look for and contact your chosen institution for more info. Ask about the requirements, the tuition and the future work opportunities once you enter the field.

However, in the case that you’re not able to attend the lessons physically, there are other options available. Many hypnosis training schools / institutions are offering online classes.

In comparison to a traditional academy, an online hypnotherapy training allows you to learn easily from home.

However, in the case that you wish to learn online, I recommend you to be careful in your decision and only pick a school that provides accredited certificates, has positive reviews and professional teachers.


The differences between an online and traditional hypnotherapy training

Due to the rapid transition in technology and lifestyle, a silver-line has been shaped between online and traditional hypnotherapy training. So what are the differences between them? And which one is most fitting for you?

In comparison, a traditional hypnotherapy training requires several processes, including:

  • Verifying your educational qualifications;
  • Testing your quality;
  • Testing your basic medical knowledge to enroll in the traditional training session.

Traditional training sessions have a few disadvantages. The first being the obvious ones, like less freedom and flexibility. But, learning among many students, can also subconsciously narrow down your scope to explore more.

On the flip side, an online accredited hypnotherapy training opens up the opportunity to train more efficiently. Once you’ve taken the online training classes, you can select a personal trainer that can teach and support you more closely.

Whether you go for a traditional or online hypnosis training all depends on your own preferences. Both options are perfectly fine, as long as you get the right certificate.

A woman writing in her notebook regarding how to become a hypnotherapist

How to become a hypnotherapist online?

Primarily, online hypnotherapy courses are tailored in such a way that students can understand and acquire all the knowledge effectively.

Before designing the course, most professional hypnotherapists and course planners have talked to their trainers and audiences for years before going online, so that both ends know what they’re creating for the students.

In addition, online courses are usually partitioned into different categories. For instance, lesson plans for the advanced learner will not be the same for the basic learner, so there’s always an option to choose the suitable packages according to your expertise and understanding. 

The exact content of online hypnosis courses vary per institution. Some institutions offer pre-made video packages complemented by various exercises.

Others offer private sessions with a mentor / trainer via tools like Skype. And some require you to make a test in order to get your final hypnosis certificate

A woman making a final test online for becoming a hypnotherapist

What are the advantages of an online hypnotherapy training?


Learning whenever you want. Isn’t that what we all dreamt of in High School? This is one of the most prominent advantages of online hypnosis training, because neither do you have to keep up with the training pace nor do you have to wait for others to join or start the training.

Of course, this can be a blessing or a curse. It fully depends on your preferences. However, in the case that you’re busy, introverted, disabled or whatsoever, this might be a perfect outcome.

You can either download the session or join an online class whenever you feel comfortable.

Saving money and time

Now this is where things get interesting. I assume both money and time are valuable to you. By taking online courses you don’t have to waste time by travelling to the institution.

Also, many online courses are cheaper than traditional ones, sometimes even by 50%.

Face-to-Face Support

To get the most effective learning you may need face to face support from your instructor. For instance, if you miss a lesson in conventional training, there’s little possibility in getting direct support from your instructor.

On the other hand, online courses provide constant support whenever you need it. So, the face to face support feature of online courses can add great value to your learning process.

A teacher mentoring one of his students for becoming a hypnotherapist online

Is an online training certificate equivalent to a traditional certificate?

This is a very important question, so I’ll cut right to the chase. Yes, an online training certificate will give you the same opportunity as a traditional certificate.

Many professional and accredited hypnotherapists have created high quality online courses that are designed by hypnotherapists for hypnotherapist.

Most of the courses provide excellent classes and award accredited hypnosis certification to those who succeeded.

Things you need to look out for when becoming a hypnotherapist online

Be ultra-selective! You want to get yourself enrolled in the best and renowned online training institution, so you can use the best knowledge in helping your future clients.

Also look out for accredited and certified online hypnotherapy courses that, after completion, will provide you with a legitimate certificate.

To help you even further in this, here’s a list of criteria an online hypnosis course / trainer should have:

Look out for Past Student Reviews

Always ensure that the online hypnosis course you’re considering has multiple 5* ratings. Look out for the negative once as well and analyze the ratio between negative and positive.

In general, you want to avoid the schools that have limited experience as well as many negative reviews under their belt.

Enlisted Trainer Quality

Check out the trainers’ work history to ensure that you’ll receive high quality online hypnosis training sessions.

Search on Google and LinkedIn for their work experience and possible past work projects.

Subsequently, you’ll get an idea of the professionalism of the trainer.

Course Details

You must confirm that the course you’re enrolling in covers all the aspects that you desire to learn. Remember how we talked about specialization before? If you have certain specializations in mind, now if the time to check for them.

Keep in mind however, that some institutions offer a general hypnosis training first, before diving into specializations. Nevertheless, check the website for eventual possibilities.

In case it covers half of the topic or it doesn’t meet your requirements, you better might search elsewhere.

Overall Time Length

Finally, considering the length of the course is important as well. Various institutions offer courses with different time lengths, including short-term courses, long term courses, and even ‘one time’ advising courses. Make sure that you choose one that fits well into your daily life.

A group of graduates throwing their hat in the air on top of a mountain

Where to find the best hypnotherapy training online?

As you may know by now, many well-known institutions are offering hypnotherapy training courses online.

The downside to this however, is that, because there are so many training schools available online, you can get lost and confused between all the possible options.

But don’t worry, eventually you’ll find it. Following the above criteria will help you choose a nice accredited institution.

If you extend your research even further, you’ll also discover the value of the offered certificates.

This allows you to differentiate and evaluate the worth of the presented credential. 

What does it take to become a high quality hypnotherapist?

Nowadays, as the clients demand is increasing, so does the number of hypnotherapist. As a result, many new hypnotherapists are entering the market. Does that mean that you shouldn’t try? Not at all.

There are many ways to distinguish yourself from your competitors. You could serve a specific niche, narrow down your target audience (age, gender, characteristics) or become an expert within your specialization. Or perhaps even all together at once.

Regardless of how you identify yourself, a hypnotherapist should possess some general traits that are necessary to become a high quality hypnotherapist:

Know Your Hypnosis

As obvious as it may sound, the reality is far from true. Thus, it is a must that a hypnotherapist has a clear and in-depth idea of hypnotherapy in itself, so that he or she can help clients as effectively as possible.

You must have all the necessary techniques under your belt to help your clients as effectively as possible. I recommend you to buy new books on a monthly basis so you can increase your knowledge regarding hypnosis.

Also, try to keep up with changes in the industry and become aware of new information and possibilities within the field.

Improvised Performance

If you’re planning on using one script for every single patient, than I’ve got bad news for you. Every client is different! What works for one doesn’t necessarily mean it works for others.

Does this mean that you have to create 1000+ new scripts to help clients effectively? No, not at all. It just means that – sometimes – you have to be able to improvise and adjust to the situation at hand.

Every person has its own stack of beliefs hidden inside their subconsciousness. Try to find the negative ones and subtly address them once the client is under hypnosis.

Understanding the Client’s Needs

In addition the the previously mentioned requirement, understanding the clients’ needs is one of the most prominent traits of a high quality hypnotherapist.

Different clients have different needs, so make sure that you adjust your sessions to what’s best for the person in front of you. This doesn’t only apply to the clients beliefs and the appliance of hypnosis.

It also refers to general matters, such as listening, being open-minded, maintaining a non-judgmental approach, asking the right questions et cetera.

Never sell fake sessions

Always. Give. Your Clients. The Best. You should be aiming to offer your clients the most effective sessions ever to be performed. Of course this doesn’t always become a reality, but, as long as your intentions are good, you will be fine.

The satisfaction you’ll receive when you have genuinely ‘healed’ your clients complaint is incredible.

Having that said, I strongly advise against deliberately shortening sessions for sales purposes. Eventually, if your customer feels that you’re just trying to sell, rather than providing them with high quality hypnosis sessions, not only will you have dissatisfied clients, but there’s a high possibility that you might harm your own reputation.

A gray office and practice room of a hypnotherapist

What can you expect the regarding salary?

In terms of earning, hypnotherapists’ earnings vary per country. But to give you an idea of the average earnings; a professional hypnotherapists in the United States earns about $73,960 per year (according to the US Department of Labour statistics 2018).

It’s perfectly fine if you’re not residing in the US of course. Every country has a different economy and sometimes also a different currency.

Regardless, hypnotherapists are normally categorized in higher salary scales and often exceed the national average yearly income of any given country.

In short. becoming a hypnotherapist online (or traditional) is perfectly attainable. We advice you to maintain a strong passion, desire, and willpower in the process of becoming one.

Moreover, hypnotherapy training will not only reward your personal growth, decrease stress and lower anxiety, but also opens the door to effectively helping your loved and close ones.

So, buckle up, enroll in the online course, and become the upcoming renowned hypnotherapist. I wish you all the best!

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Questions about how to become a hypnotherapist online?

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