Lately I’ve caught myself roaming deeper and deeper into the methodology behind changing your self image with visualization.

When you think of it, it’s actually ludicrous how little is known about the many self improvement methods that are related to our subconscious mind.

Too many people live their lives through dark, foggy glasses, while enlightenment might be right around the corner.

That’s why I hope to help those who feel stuck inside their own obstructing and damaging self image.

I’ll explain how you can change your self image with visualization, an easy yet super effective method that doesn’t require any equipment whatsoever.

Simply put, the power is all within your hands. Or, better yet, in your head waiting for you to be unleashed.

Unleash the beast by changing your self image through visualization

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The connection between self image and visualization

Do you ever catch yourself repeatedly imagining worst-case scenarios? Or feeling stuck into a problem that just doesn’t seem to go away? Believe me, you’re not alone.

I don’t know why we as humans tend to bring ourselves down constantly, but alas, apparently we do.

I could go on and on about the reasons behind our self-damaging visualizations, but I actually tend to incite the opposite with this blog.

So basically, it all comes down to this: The self image that you create in your chosen reality determines what you can or cannot receive from life.

What does that really mean? Well, essentially it means that the image you have of yourself determines how you will deal with the conditions of life.

For example, if you find yourself truly unattractive, you’re likely to push people away who try to hug you. If you see yourself as foolish and inexperienced, you will most likely feel insecure at the work place.

The self image that you create in your chosen reality determines what you can or cannot receive from life.

What do you think happens before one of those scary presentations? You’ve probably visualized failing those countless of times.

How were your nerves back then? Were they under control? Or were you wishing for some miracle that could forestall your presentation (believe me, been there, done that).

In all these aforementioned cases, not the people around you, but only you yourself set the limits.

See yourself through better eyes. Change your self image and self esteem through visualization.

How to change your self image with visualization?

The solution is to avoid thinking about your negative self image and replace it with a vision of yourself as the positive opposite.

“Is it really that simple?” Yes, it’s really that simple.

If you visualize your life as it would be when the problem no longer existed, eventually you’ll become the opposite person that you’ve visualized.

I’ll explain to you how this works:

  1. We all tend to include a problem in how we see ourselves. Especially when this problem lasts for a longer period of time.
  2. We then start to label ourselves as someone with that problem.
  3. After a while we start to base our behavior around the issue, even if the ‘problem’ only exists in our mind.
  4. Because we sort of become our problem, other people start to see us that way.
  5. Soon you are inextricably linked to your problem, which then stores into your self-image.
  6. Finally, we are stuck in a self-destructing vicious circle.

A man that is stuck in a vicious circle due to negative visualizations of self image.

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The solution to your problem is you

Most of us experience problems that are related to self-image, relationship problems, health problems or financial problems.

But whatever category your problem falls into, the solution all boils down to the same thing: a change in who we are in relation to the problem.

What does this mean for us? Well, it means that, with appropriate visualizations, you could potentially solve all problems.

Brain scan studies show that there’s a close connection between imagining something and objective reality. Turns out that when we imagine something, the same parts of the brain are used as when we are actually seeing.

The more vivid and realistic, the more real this is for the brain. Of course, people differ in their ability to visualize. Practice can help with this.

A card about how to change your self image with visualization

Visualizing self image of a better life

You can become happier just by visualizing yourself happier, and create peace with your past and your future.

Perhaps it all sounds too good to be true (trust me, I was skeptic as well), but I’ve practiced this method many times now and I feel great ever since.

That’s why I recommend you to repeatedly visualize a better version of yourself and to observe the results after a few weeks, both mentally as physically. I would love to hear your experiences afterwards.

I hope this information has been helpful to you. Feel free to contact me for more information.

I wish you the best of luck in your journey to self improvement!

Questions about visualizing and self image

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