An alter ego can help you achieve things that you normally feel incapable of. But how to create and trigger your own alter ego? Learn the easy tricks in this complete guide.

When it comes to making decisions, often as basic as waking up early to run, resisting the third drink, or not texting the ex who you want to break ties with – it seems like there are two people living in the same body.

A part of you, the ‘beast in you’, goes to bed sure of hitting the track at 6 A.M, or is prepared to not take more than one drink.

But the part that is confronted with the option of slipping back under the covers or allowing the next Negroni is the feeble willed Hedonist You, who can’t fathom what the beast version of you was thinking last night.

The Beast Called ‘Alter Ego

If only you could discipline yourself to bring the two versions of you into line, life might run smoother. But the problem is when the moment of truth comes, that beast in you is nowhere to be found.

This elusive Beast is what we call the ‘Alter Ego’.

Yet there’s a lot more to an Alter Ego than just that. Although the idea of ‘Alter Ego’ may seem very simple, using it at the right time for the right reasons is what makes it complicated.

Once understood correctly, we can each become very powerfully creative individually in how we play with our Alter Ego to our advantage. 

And that is where this article chips in. Keep your reading glasses on, and you’ll be enlightened upon the subject of Alter Ego Psychology ranging from its explanation to implementation and hows and whys related to it.

So, let’s begin!


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Different Variants of Alter Ego

Anytime you hear or read about alter ego definition, it is indeed going to fall in one of the five undermentioned realms. 

1. Second Persona – The Other You

This persona resides beneath your exogenous personality and is commonly the mishmash of many sub-personalities. This personality is totally different from your conscious personality, establishing itself as a supplementary by-product of your initial ego formation process.

2. Ideal Persona – The Ideal You

This refers to the persona that you loved and admired from a very young age, one that you’ve always idealize and wished to be like. Some aspects of this ego may also be evident in the ‘Other You’ that is hidden within yourself.

3. Dark Persona – The Negative Side of Your Soul

Psychologists believe that intrinsically we have both good and dark sides within our very selves, constantly at war. This persona resonates with the dark side of our personality and refers to the negative part of our being. 

4. Dependable Persona – A trusted friend of Yours

A personality that is very similar in traits and characteristics to your outer nature. It’s like the voice inside your head with which you often talk in an attempt to understand yourself.

5. Purpose Built Personality – The Alter Ego

This refers to the persona in which you create a new variant of yourself as your Alter Ego.

So Which Version of Alter Ego is Most Significant in terms of Impact?

Each of the perceptions mentioned above has its own perspective, pros, and cons. We do not need to focus on all of them.

Our fifth alter ego definition from above is practically the most important in our daily lives, as it essentially demonstrates that we are capable of subverting and reasserting our Alter Ego.

The alter ego, therefore, is the second self that is created by an individual — typically to live as a better version of oneself.

How to create and trigger your alter ego
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Why Create an Alter Ego?

An alter ego can help in many ways. Here are some of the significant advantages of having an Alter Ego:

  • It helps you get out of your comfort zone;
  • Alter Ego makes you feel empowered and do things that you otherwise might not have accomplished.
  • Alter Ego helps you channel your genius for good.
  • An alter Ego distances you from the dark and negative side of yourself.
  • Alter Ego can make life more fun.

Who Has Successfully Manifested an Alter Ego?

Examples of effective manifestations of the Alter Ego can be found everywhere in today’s society. In fact, some examples may come as a surprise to you.   

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is the Alter Ego of a common girl, Stefani Germanotta.

Believe it or not, the constructive development of the alter ego has turned an every day simple girl Stefani Germanotta into the peerless superstar, the Lady Gaga.


Another perfect demonstration can be seen in how Beyonce constructed her alter Ego, Sasha Fierce.

A portrayal of herself that is far more sensual and even more violent, at least in her performances.

In fact, Beyonce has also gone on to build more than one of these alter egos to boost her career and performances.

This brings me to the fundamental question; Can everyone someone create an alter ego for him/herself? If yes, how?

Read on, and by the end of the next part,  you’ll be wise on the subject. 


How to Create Your Alter Ego?

Below is a stepwise guide on how to create a customized Alter Ego for yourself.

1. Set Goals – Define an Objective for Your Alter Ego

Before creating an alter ego, you must know why do you want to do it. This will help you clear your head in defining the persona that you want to create.

Ask yourself the following questions can help a great deal in this.

  1. Why do you want to create an alter ego?
  2. What objectives are you trying to achieve?
  3. Do you want to create an alter ego for fun, or there is a serious purpose behind it?

The answers to these questions will have an impact on your decision-making when you start creating your alter ego.

For example, if you want a nom de plume for a piece of artwork that might be considered controversial, just picking a fake name would do.

Conversely, if you are a musician and want to enhance your creative range by adopting a scintillating new persona, you might need to create a detailed story and personality for your character.

Remember! There is no such thing as an ‘over-thought out Alter Ego’. Unless you begin to blur the psychological line between your alter ego and your true self, feel free to create an alter ego in as much detail as you deem fit.

An Example of A Self-made Alter Ego

2. Personify Your Alter Ego – Give It a Voice and Personality

The personality of you alter Ego is the most critical element in it. How does it talk or act even behave?

More often than not, alter egos are equipped with attributes that their creators lack. The creators, by assuming an alter ego, try to overcome the difficulties caused by the imperfections of intrinsic personalities.

For instance, if you’re a shy and introverted person, you might want to assume a snarky and confident Alter Ego at a party full of people you don’t know.

You need to ask yourself, will your alter ego be just like you, except for the name? Or is it going to be a distinct character with a public persona different from yours? Make a choice for your Alter Ego based on your goals.

Let me explain this with an Example,  if you’re writing a semi-autobiography, your ego-insert character should probably talk and act like you do.

However, if you want to create a superhero alter Ego for yourself, you would need your character to be exuberantly dashing and gaudy-more than any average person.

3. Give Your Alter Ego a Distinctive Appearance – Looks Matter  

How would your alter ego look like? Do you want it to be unassuming or memorable, or you want it to stand out in a crowd?

You must ensure that your alter Ego’s appearance goes with its personality. Even so, if your alter ego is a larger than life figure like a superhero or robocop, you might consider designing a costume for it that must reflect its superhuman stature. 

Quick Tip

If you’re planning to imitate your alter Ego in real life, keep your looks in mind while designing the character.

Make sure that you can realistically mimic your alter ego persona by changing clothes, or using makeup, etc. Like, if you’re a 400-pound professional weight lifter, your slender computer hacker alter Ego might have to live in the realm of fantasy, forever.

A man in a spider man suit holding a book creating and triggering his own alter ego personality
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4. Craft a Fitting Origin Story for your Alter Ego 

Providing your Alter Ego with an inspiring (yet befitting) personal history gives a sense of realism to its otherwise assumed persona.

The background story of your character can be vague or detailed, ordinary, or remarkable; there are no hard lines.

It should just be logical and genuinely reflect the Alter Ego’s personality and appearance.

Ask Yourself the following Questions to come up with a good origin story:

  • Where did the alter Ego come from?
  • What kind of life has it had?
  • What were the experiences that shaped it?
  • Who did they know and have a relationship with in the past?
  • Pick a Name – Aliases are Important

This part is fun but needs some serious consideration, nonetheless.  A nice, catchy name can transform your Alter Ego from being just interesting to truly phenomenal. 

Make a list of names, including the ideas that you think are stupid or even inappropriate. These may lead you to a genuinely inspiring name.

Then think of names that are befitting your alter Ego’s goal. For instance, if your alter ego is a spy in American midwest, you would like to have a common name like ‘Mark Stevens’ and not an over the top name like ‘Xavier Rex Riviera’ that attracts the unwanted attention of people.  

A man in a dark corner dressed as a spy in the form of a self-made alter ego personality

Picking a name for your alter ego

Below are a couple of Tips to Pick the Right Name for your alter ego.

Names that Resonate with the Alter Ego’s Role / Personality

Its good idea to chose a name for your alter ego that reflects its role or personality. Rapper Nas occasionally refers to himself as “Nas Escobar”, it is a reference to drug kingpin Pablo Escobar and a reflection of his devious side.

Anagram or Acronym that Somewhat Relates to Your Real Name

 Your alter ego can be an anagram or acronym of your real name or some other word or phrase. Remember the Harry Potter Series?

In those books the villain creates the anagram “I am Lord Voldemort”, merely by rearranging the spelling of his name, Tom Marvolo Riddle.

It can also make an implicit reference to your real name just like Jennifer Lopez usimg the Acronym J. Lo or Lola. 

Be Descriptive and Detailed – Devil Lies in Details 

Consider giving your character sort of depth by giving him or her unique attributes. Real people have peculiarities and oddities, so if he or she does, your character might well seem more real.

You might like to choose details that match your character’s role or public persona. A grizzled mercenary Alter Ego, for example, may walk with a slight limp as a result of an old anomalous injury.

Conversely, you may pick traits that contradict the background in an interesting way. Like you could give a mercenary Alter Ego a childish enthusiasm like playing tiddlywinks.

Alter Ego for Actors, Singers, Artists and Musicians.
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Note: Good alter egos, like real people, are complex and often contradictory.

So much for the creation of alter Ego. If you follow the above steps carefully, you’ll undoubtedly create an alter ego that best suits your personality and requirements.

The Alter Ego, however, wouldn’t be of much use if you are not sure how to adapt and trigger it at the right time.

You’ll read more of that in the next paragraph.

How to Trigger Your Alter Ego?

Step 1: Practice Makes the Man Perfect – Put Your Alter Ego into Practice

Now that you have designed a distinctive Alter Ego, it’s time to walk a mile in those shoes. Practice speaking, acting and behaving like the personality of your alter ego.

If carefully crafted, and relentlessly practiced, your character might even become more known than yourself. Practice triggering your Alter Ego at times where it’s needed.

You may fail to adopt it at times or trigger it unnecessarily at others, but you’ll learn to perfect it gradually with practice. 

Step 2: Use a Costume and Materials to Trigger Your Alter Ego

Wearing a costume matching your alter Ego’s personality can trigger that adopted persona to take over.

Just like with Batman or Spider man, an outfit can help you transition into your adopted Alter Ego. Try to gather clothing and other material related to the personality of your alter ego (thrift stores can be of help because of their low prices and differently styled clothing).

Step 3: Stay in Your Character

If you commit to your performance, your alter ego may seem more “real” and authentic. Flip-flopping between your new identity and old one may appear artificial to the people.

Set your character hours or even days, simply hang around the house, running your everyday routine wearing your alter ego-personality. This way, you are going to ease into this new character seamlessly. 

Step 4: Adopt the Habits of Your Alter Ego’s Personality

Try to change your daily habits and routines to match your Alter Ego’s. If, for example, your character grooms him or herself differently than you do, make these changes in your own life.

Respected method actors such as Daniel Day Lewis are famous for adopting the habits of their characters.

To prepare himself for his role in ‘The Age of Innocence,’ Lewis bathed himself in cologne and put on his 1870s clothing as he ran his daily errands.

Daniel Day Lewis Triggering in The Age Of Innocence

The Final Word For ‘How to Create an Create and Trigger Your Alter Ego’

It has been proven that your success in any field has a lot to do with the way you think about yourself.

If you believe you’re an excellent blogger, you’re going to act like one. If you think you’re good at basketball and believe it, you’re going to act like you are and perform actions that prove it.

So, how to create and trigger your alter ego?

As part of the crating an alter ego, be clear about your abilities and then find ways to define them with proof and clear descriptions.

Figure out a way to articulate your skills, so your mind is super clear about your goals and believes that you have the ability to achieve them.

Name it, define it, and, most importantly control it, if you want to become incredibly powerful and accomplish amazing results!

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