The Law of Attraction is an interesting and intriguing phenomenon. But what is the Law of Attraction exactly and how can hypnosis strengthen its power? Read more in this article.

Simply put, The Law of Attraction revolves around the theory that your thoughts and feelings can attract that which you desire.

According to theory behind The Law of Attraction, it is therefore fully within your own power to create a desired outcome.

The downside to this, however, is that many people fail to truly understand this method and often achieve the opposite, seemingly attracting their worst nightmares instead.

There are many tactics to enhance the effects of The Law of Attraction, but in this article we’ll specifically focus on the effects of self-hypnosis.

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What is The Law of Attraction?

Infographic about what is the law of attraction and what are its benefits when performed correctly with the use of hypnosis

The highly talked about Law of Attraction is one of the greatest riddles of psychology. Not many are completely mindful of the effects it can have on:

The methodology refers to the constructive or pessimistic thoughts that bring positive or negative events into an individual’s life.

Basically, we become what our mind perceives and thinks.

Regardless of whether we’re doing it intentionally or unintentionally, with every second of our life, we’re going about as human magnets transmitting our thoughts and feelings and receiving back a greater amount of what we have radiated.

So, in other words: positive thoughts attract positive outcomes, and vice versa.

Regardless of ones personal opinion, this phenomenon of ‘planting what you seed‘ operates with or without you believing in the idea behind it.

Will The Law Of Attraction always work?

The ‘successful / unsuccessful’ conviction depends on the energy of an individual’s thoughts and considerations.

If you’ve been trying for a while and you’re still unable to attract what you desired, then it’s likely that something inside you (most likely processed into your subconscious mind) is preventing you from emitting positive energy.

In that case, it’s best to do deal with the (subconscious) parts of yourself that interfere with the ability to use the Law of Attraction optimally.

Are you experiencing this yourself? Then hypnosis may be a promising solution. We’ll dive deeper into this solution below.

The Law Of Attraction & Hypnosis

Law of Attraction & Hypnosis and its effect on the universe

Hypnosis and the Law of Attraction have one fundamental key in common: ‘the belief‘.

Just like with the Law of Attraction, hypnosis also requires a fundamental amount of self-confidence in order for it to work.

You need to have full confidence in your own capabilities of achieving a desired outcome.

Without it, the efforts made are likely to fail.

Belief and gratitude are the main factors of its success. If you believe in self-hypnosis and the Law of attraction, and consciously seek to achieve a certain goal, self-hypnosis can speed things up pretty nicely.

How Hypnosis can unlock The Law of Attraction

Infographic about the advantages of hypnosis and law of attraction

When you have limiting beliefs that tell you that you don’t deserve the things you’re trying to manifest, it’s almost impossible to attract them succesfully.

As mentioned before, those limited beliefs often manifest itself deeply into our subconscious mind. This subconscious mind is a catalog of emotions and beliefs that you’ve subconsciously collected in your life.

It’s an automated program that determines the majority of your actions without you having a direct influence on it.

Is it possible to work yourself around this? Yes, absolutely.

With self-hypnosis you can truly convince your subconscious mind that you deserve nice things happening to you, making it easier to accept and manifest – for example – the incredible effects of The Law of Attraction.


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It can therefore tackle the blocks that make you doubt the possibility of manifestation.

As a consequence, your subconscious mind will accept the new suggestions as true and encourage yourself to subconsciously perform the actions that are necessary for achieving your goal.

Free Hypnosis MP3 for The Law Of Attraction

I see it as my personal mission to help you and others with getting the most out of our relatively short yet amazing life.

That’s why I want to encourage you to start right away. No doubts, no procrastination. Simply action.

And well, what’s better than trying something out for free?

Below you will find a free ‘Law of Attraction‘ high quality hypnosis recording to help you get started.

Free Hypnosis MP3 For Manifesting The Law of Attraction:

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Hypnosis Bootcamp‘s Free Hypnosis MP3 for manifesting ‘The Law Of Attraction’.

Listen to the recording daily for at least a week, and try to emit positive and ‘pure’ energy in all your endeavors.

Once you allow yourself to be completely open to the new suggestions, you will, with the right amount of energy and belief, undoubtedly make your wildest dreams come true.

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The Difference between Self-Hypnosis and Regular Hypnosis

The type of hypnosis in which you have given authorization and permitted yourself to be hypnotized is called ‘self-hypnosis’.

This implies that no one but you can permit your brain to go into hypnosis.

During a self-hypnosis session, your brain will always be in charge of stopping you from doing something that goes against your will and beliefs.

Basically, self-hypnosis is performed at home, while regular hypnosis is performed somewhere else by a professional hypnotist.

Remember that it’s always you who grants permission to undergo hypnosis and allows suggestions to be made.

In contrary to common belief, nobody is capable of hypnotizing you against your will.

As hypnosis requires you to be in a deep state of relaxation, it’s simply not possible to execute this without your consent.

How does self-hypnosis Really Work?

As mentioned before, your subconscious mind is the spot where you store all your deep-rooted beliefs, ideals, fears, mental barriers, behaviors, habits et cetera.

This is one of the primary reasons why many are struggling to get the Law of attraction to work: being trapped in negative beliefs, bad habits and negatively influencing behavioral patterns.

Luckily, self-hypnosis has proved to be a promising and effective solution.

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Other Free Hypnosis MP3 Downloads

Want more free Hypnosis MP3’s?

You can also check out this download link for a variety of Free Hypnosis MP3 Downloads, focusing not only on the Law of Attraction, but also on:

  • Attracting wealth;
  • Losing weight fast;
  • Increasing your self-confidence;
  • Stopping with procrastinating.

Law of Attraction & Hypnosis: Final Word

It’s good to keep in mind that improving the law of attraction with self-hypnosis requires repetition. You’ve got to listen repetitively to see powerful results.

Just know that it may take some time, but that the results are ever so promising.

Usually, it’s best to listen to the Hypnosis MP3 on a daily basis and to repeat this for at least week. This allows for the suggestions to really sink into your subconsciousness.

This could take a week, maybe two, and in some cases longer. But I’d say, ‘don’t give up.’

In the end, it’s all worth it. 

Questions about The Law of Attraction & Hypnosis MP3 ‘s

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But above all, to love yourself again.

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