Is your heart leaning towards spirit coaching, but are you unsure whether or not you should actually become one? In this article you’ll read everything you need to know about becoming a spiritual life coach.

The term spirituality tends to be misconstrued these days, relegated either solely to religion or worse, a mere new age fad.

In truth, spirituality is simply the act of exploring one’s higher purpose on this plane of existence. It’s putting into effect that which lifts each and every one of us into a kinder, more productive and enlightened state of being.

Your spiritual path need not adhere to any secular entity or set of rules, but guide the way to your true self, one that is as timeless as it is without limitation.

Most people fall into two categories:

  1. Those who believe we are here for a reason;
  2. Those who believe we are essentially passengers on a pilot-less vessel, and thus, in control of nothing but our own immediate actions.

While neither belief is necessarily right or wrong (as it all comes down to the individual), the premise of spirit coaching is rooted in the former, and the belief that we are each at the helm of our own destiny.

Breaking Free And Empowering Others

The age old question, however, seems to linger: “How do we regain control of that elusive proverbial wheel? How do we achieve spiritual, emotional, and material wealth in a world that insists they are all but unobtainable?”

Because, well, it’s easy to feel unworthy and unmotivated when stress permeates every corner of your life.

Perhaps seemingly meaningful relationships keep failing you. Or you lack the confidence to assert your boundaries and demand better from the people who have been gifted with your time and trust.

You may have found yourself in an unfulfilling job but unable to summon the confidence to go after the career of your dreams.

Perhaps trauma has you deeply indoctrinated into the conviction that you don’t deserve better, that the life you long for is a fantasy and little more.

These are all struggles that most of us will face at some point, but the truth is that you’re hardly bound to them.

Your story is not finished yet. You can, in fact, break free and empower others to do the same.

Full Guide To Becoming A Certified Spirit Coach

Here we’ll discuss what it means to seek and become a spiritual life coach.

You’ll learn how you can benefit from its teachings, as well as help others, and, at last, master the law of attraction:

  1. What is Spirit Coaching Exactly?
  2. What Does A Spirit Life Coach Do?
  3. What Issue Can Spiritual Life Coaching Help Me With?
  4. “How Do I Know If Should Become A Spiritual Life Coach?”
  5. How To Become A Certified Spirit Coach?
  6. How Long Does It Take To Become A Spirit Coach?
  7. Does The Law Of Attraction Apply To Spirit Coaching?
  8. How Can I Gain Spirit Coaching / Law Of Attraction Certification?

A woman thinking about whether or not she should become a spirit coach.

1. What Is Spirit Coaching Exactly?

In recent years, spiritual coaching has come to be regarded as a legitimate means of reaching your higher purpose and, in doing so, achieving your lifelong goals.

While similar in many ways to life coaching, spiritual coaching seeks to align you with your spiritual self as well as your corporeal, in order to transcend all limits.

Think “as above, so below“, when your higher self meets your earthly incarnation, you can finally move in the truth and power that is your birthright and appreciate the life that you desire and deserve.

2. What Does A Spirit Life Coach Do?

While every spirit life coach differs slightly in their approach, ultimately they all have one thing in common.

This is the shared belief that, by connecting you with their core self (the self that stands true and unique regardless of outside influences), they can help shape your life according to your innermost desires. Rather than remain at the mercy of what feels like an external, uncontrollable force.

A spirit coach will help you look within and tune out of the invasive messages the outside world is constantly sending you.

This, in turn, will help you to gain the confidence you need to achieve your personal goals.

Every day we are bombarded with social media and marketing messages selling us so-called “better” lives and selves while simultaneously – and ever so slyly – informing us that we’ll never really be good enough to embody either.

Back To Your Inner Voice

A spirit coach will guide you back to your inner voice, the ultimate truth speaker, that so many of us are taught to extinguish from a young age.

And in doing so, you will not only believe in yourself once more, but go forward with that emboldened truth that no one can take away from you.

Whether you wish for a better job, more money, or respect from those who frequently overlook you, a spiritual coach can help you visualize your desired outcome and put into place proven methods for getting what you want.

A client of spirit coaching explaining her issues in life.

3. What Issue Can Spiritual Life Coaching Help Me With?

If you find yourself in a seemingly endless cycle of toxic or decidedly one-sided relationships, unsatisfying jobs, constant self doubt, and stress-related setbacks, spirit coaching can address all of the above and more.

Often we find ourselves in these “loops” because we don’t see an alternative way out, or the way out seems impossible.

Spirit coaching provides you with the necessary motivational tools to break these self-defeating patterns, meanwhile providing genuine uplifting support and encouragement.

One of the key goals in spiritual coaching is to bring you to a point of harmony between your life goals and external factors that are beyond your control.

For example, if criticism and / or fear of judgement have halted you in your past efforts to go after your dreams, a spirit coach can teach you to ignore the chatter and nullify their influence.

Below you’ll find some of the issues that spirit coaching can help you overcome:

  • Low self-esteem
  • An uninspiring career
  • Toxic relationships
  • Inability to communicate your desires and state your boundaries
  • Lack of money and support
  • External and internal stressors
  • Harmful behavioral patterns

4. “How Do I Know If Should Become A Spiritual Life Coach?”

Empaths are natural healers. If you find yourself longing to help others as you have been helped yourself, then you already have your answer!

A spirit coach isn’t some otherworldly mystic anointed by an unseen power, but someone who has completed their journey back to their higher self and has returned to guide others along their own.

A spirit coach is someone who has likely suffered on their own journey to self discovery themselves.

They have earned their wisdom through error and improvement, and are ready to take the next step towards honing those precious skills into workable methods and teachings.

As a prospective spiritual coach, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. “Do I believe that my purpose in life is to help others?”

2. “Do I wish for others to experience the benefits of spiritual coaching that I have?”

3. “Do I believe I have valuable lessons to teach, based on my own hard-earned knowledge?”

4. “Do I believe everyone, no matter where they come from or how they identify, deserves a chance at a happier, more rewarding existence?”

If you answered a definite ‘YES’ to all of the questions above, you’re already halfway to stepping into your purpose as a spirit coach!

Two people walking towards the same direction, illustrating a good connection through spiritual life coaching and therapy.

5. How To Become A Certified Spirit Coach?

Thanks to easily accessible online programs, becoming a certified spirit coach nowadays is not so hard.

There are a number of reputable online academies that are dedicated to teaching individuals who have broken through their mental and spiritual blocks to assist others in doing the same.

Through a spirit academy and teachers, you will:

  • Develop and apply your own process for maintaining balance and congruence as a spiritual coach, in order to lead others into a similar state of harmony;
  • Identify and enhance your natural gifts;
  • Curate your own unique coaching program;
  • Learn how to brand and promote yourself, along with your skills, and coaching tools;
  • Optimize your prospective client outreach;
  • Understand and optimize essential business logistics;
  • Construct a pricing point that will not only sustain but boost your business return;
  • Connect with other spirit coaches from around the world;
  • Continue to grow and transform in your own life, and translate your process into applicable steps for others to take inspiration from.

Your spiritual coaching training will teach you how to multiply the abundance you have earned through ancient teaching methods, and harness the power of positive, self-affirmative thinking.

This newly learned power will ensure that your coaching business continues to grow and make money, but most importantly, to effectively help others.

6. How Long Does It Take To Become A Spirit Coach?

The time it takes to become a certified spirit coach depends on the program and coach you choose, as well as the duration of the accredited training.

Gaining your certification can typically take anywhere from 60 to 125 hours but again, that depends on the spiritual coaching academy you choose.

For example, through the in-depth and immersive programs of Wildly Wealthy, students will be taken through an extensive series of training courses that encompass the personal, professional, ánd business side of coaching.

Learning how to hone your entrepreneurial strengths, manage your finances, perfect your branding and broaden your network, are just some of the practical skills you will acquire through the training.

You will also develop your own personal, one-of-a-kind language that will enable you to connect with your clients as no other can.

A woman sitting on the sofa at a spirit coach for helping with her problems.

7. Does The Law Of Attraction Apply To Spirit Coaching?

Absolutely! Our lives are largely influenced by the quality of our dominant thoughts and innermost convictions, which in turn can stall or steer us towards assured actions and outcomes.

There is no meeting of your higher self if your higher self is as mired in thoughts of doubt, defeat, and negativity as your earthly counterpart.

A spiritual coach can bestow you with the courage to face a universal truth:

In order to meet your divine self, you must first remove the mental blocks preventing you from achieving that union.

At its core, the law of attraction is the simple truth that when we approach our desires with an open, positive mind, our desires will inevitably materialize.

Similarly, if we view our goals as ridiculous, out of reach, or something we are unworthy of, not only will they fail to appear, we won’t recognize them when they do present themselves.

Everything around us is composed of energy, humans most of all; we feel and act in accordance with our thoughts, and are either limited or elevated by them.

By understanding and applying the law of attraction to your life and subsequent teachings as a spirit coach, you will double your power and the quality of your desired outcomes.

8. How Can I Gain Spirit Coaching / Law Of Attraction Certification?

Many online spiritual coaching academies offer law of attraction certification courses that seamlessly combine the teachings and practices of spiritual coaching.

Should you choose to undergo certification for law of attraction coaching as part of your overall spiritual coaching, you will learn:

  • How to manifest joy and abundance through positive goal setting, and similarly help your clients realign their thoughts with their own desired outcomes;
  • How to neutralize negative thought patterns and transform them into empowering mantras;
  • Why being a coach specializing in the law of attraction is the clearest, strongest path to success;
  • How to incorporate law of attraction processes into your coaching methods to ensure optimal outcomes;
  • How to become an active listener, and pose powerful questions to your clients that will help them realize their true purpose and power;
  • Why works such as the bestselling “The Secret” have opened the door for those who follow and teach the law of attraction;
  • How to help your clients transition into law of attraction coaching themselves.

Spiritual coaching, as well as law of attraction coaching, are intricately connected.

Both uphold an ancient, much-respected set of values rooted in holistic origins; both empower us to step out of our shadows and stand in the light of our true purpose.

And make no mistake, each and every one of us has one. No matter how defeated you feel, how many regrets and doubts and sheer amount of pain you may carry, rest assured you are not alone.

And what’s more, the teachings of spiritual coaching insist that these are not weaknesses at all, but hidden strengths!

Wisdom is never easily obtained, and in order to learn and grow we must first accept the past and use the present to forge a more triumphant future.

Connected with others through law of attraction coach certification

Spirit Coaching: In short

Your journey as a spiritual and law of attraction coach will open your eyes to the possibilities that exist in this life, and allow you to grasp what is well within your reach.

Money, love, a purposeful career: these are not off-limits to the non-elite. They are not reserved solely for celebrities and people born into positions of privilege, the ones who reside on that metaphorical Mount Olympus.

They are yours, mine and ours to manifest and celebrate.

As a spiritual coach you will not only reap those rewards, but help others do the same.

And what greater purpose could there be while we share this existence?

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