Are you one those supermoms conquering the world of household, work and child care? Flying around to make life as easy as possible, for others?

But do you ever think about yourself as well? Do you still have time and space for you?

In daily life those ‘supermoms’ ​​often put themselves in last place. Literally everyone else comes first, causing you to completely neglect yourself and your own personal desires.

But did you know that this self-discarding behavior can often be found inside our own beliefs?

I’m not talking about religious beliefs here. I’m talking about the personal beliefs stored into our subconsciousness. Those negative beliefs are often formed during the first few years of our lives.

Below you will find some examples of negative beliefs:

  • “I’m not good enough.”
  • “I’m not important to other people.”
  • “I can’t do it.”
  • “I don’t deserve it.”

Negative self beliefs turn into supermom behavior which leads to burnout and stress

Beware of the dangerous stress collection

The aforementioned beliefs are usually linked to low self-confidence or a lack of self-esteem. Therefore you will run, run and run until it you’re finally good enough. But it’s never enough.

The stress build-up is easily supplemented by office stress, sleepless nights, relationship issues and / or financial concerns.

Because you keep running around overdoing yourself, while utilizing all of your energy for others, the chance of a burn out increases daily, until it finally emerges and smacks you in the face when you least expect it.

But long-term stress has very dangerous consequences and even is the number one cause of death. Yes, really!

Why stress is the number one cause of death

No, stress will not kill you instantly. But it is responsible for instigating many bad health conditions. Below I’ll to you explain why.

During stress situations our body will produce adrenaline. An adrenaline rush is one of the body’s vital defense mechanisms. This makes our body ready for fight or flight behavior in dangerous situations, stemming all the way back to ancient times.

For example: it makes your heart beat faster, strengthens your body, and sharpens your mental focus.

Now you may think; Okay, cool. Our body makes us stronger during stressful situations. But there are also severe downsides to this temporary defense mechanism.

The release of adrenaline into the body occurs very quickly, usually within a few seconds. It should go away once the possible threat has disappeared, but with a large amount of stress this will not be the case.

Thus, you will constantly be on fight or flight mode, which asks a lot from your body in return.

During adrenaline production the body processes and organs are largely stopped (!). Because nature decided that, during a life endangering situation, it’s more important to survive rather than grow your hair, digest your food or repair an open wound.

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So, aside from dysfunctioning organs, what else? The short answer is ‘Cortisol’. Next to adrenaline, our body also produces cortisol during stressful or life threatening situations.

This can cause unpleasant health problems, such as constipation, diarrhea, cardiovascular diseases and food intolerance.

But unfortunately that’ not the only thing. Prolonged production of cortisol also causes a destruction of the immune system, which makes the body vulnerable for inflammation and viruses. Also, it increases blood pressure, which increases the risk of heart problems too.

Stress also makes you fat.

Behold the cherry on top of the cake: stress also makes you fat. Yay! Every woman’s biggest dream.

Apparently, cortisol production also stimulates the production of insulin. This ensures that glucose and other nutrients are absorbed by your body cells.

If these body cells (such as your muscles) are full, the insulin ensures that the surpluses are stored in your fat reserves.

This increases your fat mass and can lead to becoming overweight. So yeah, you literally get fat from being stressed.

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Slowly drowning in the amount of stress - stress reduce with hypnosis

Choosing to be stress-free

The conclusion of all this would be that it’s very important to release stress. This can be resolved by taking more time for yourself, but many women don’t even remember how.

In that case, hypnotherapy can be very effective method to get connected with yourself again. With hypnotherapy we then make changes to your subconscious mind (the inner voice that says that you are not good enough).

A hypnotherapist can help you with this. The goal is to eliminate the fatigue and stress. You learn to do things for yourself and to enjoy again, while at the same time remaining that awesome super mother.

What would it be like if you were that same loving mother and partner but without destructive stress? Think of your own body and health before you become a victim of fatal stress. Learn to say: “Now is me-time”!

I hope this information has been helpful to you. I wish you all the best with your own journey of self-improvement. To retrieve positivity and joy again

But above all, to love yourself.

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