Read more about the Total Money Magnetism, a 6-step system that the wealthy use to get richer. And so can you.

Becoming a millionaire might seem like an unachievable task. Many people believe that you have to be born into a wealthy family, receive an inheritance or win the lottery in order to live a carefree and lavish lifestyle.

Well, you can cheer up and put your mind at ease. The full course does not require you to be born with a silver spoon in your mouth.

This system will not turn you into a millionaire over night. However, you can be one if you follow its contents and be consistent.

In the following sections, you will learn how the creator of this online course went from being $80K in debt to becoming a multimillionaire using his six simple steps.

This Total Money Magnetism review will guide you through these techniques and more.

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What Is The Total Money Magnetism?

Dr. Steve G. Jones is a Clinical Hypnotherapist that has helped celebrities, CEOs and other individuals discover their true potential in life.

He attributes his success through a system he calls The Total Money Magnetism.

His course is structured around six steps that will reshape the way you think and feel about making money. They include:

  1. Visualizing Yourself As A Millionaire;
  2. Valuing Your Time;
  3. Receive Help From Successful People;
  4. Working Smarter;
  5. Cutting Out Procrastination;
  6. Paying It Forward.

When you put these techniques into practice and stay committed, you will eventually be able to live a life free of financial worries.

The time it takes to reach your specific goals will vary but it is achievable with consistency on your part.

Dr. Jones came up with the Total Money Magnetism after meeting up with an old friend one day.

He was hoping they would help him out financially since his business was in dire straights.

Instead of giving him a loan, the friend decided to open his mind to a new way of thinking about money.

He went back to his office and went over their conversation. Soon after, he came up with an idea that helped him and his business partner earn close to $60K within three weeks.

Dr. Jones transformed everything he did during those weeks and turned it into the Total Money Magnetism online course.

This system helped him and his patients achieve financial success over the next few years and wants to share what he did to help you.

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Is The Law Of Attraction Embedded In The Total Money Magnetism?

Yes, it is. The Law of Attraction is centered around the idea that the energy or vibration you put out, will find its way back to you.

If you think good thoughts, then positive things will happen. If you have negative thoughts, then unfortunate occurrences might follow.

This seems simplistic, but you will be amazed at how your thoughts and mood can make a huge difference in your life.

In the first step of the Total Money Magnetism system, you will visualize yourself as a millionaire. You must believe that achieving such a feat is doable and attainable.

Do you see yourself on a yacht? Driving a Lamborghini? How many rooms does your mansion have and how big is the land?

Try to be specific with how each item you wish to have would look once obtaining them.

The Total Money Magnetism course requires you to lay out your plans for success with great detail. This is essential to the start of your financial transformation journey.

The Power Of Emotion in Visualization

You will also want to produce strong and powerful emotions as you picture yourself becoming a millionaire.

Think about how happy you will be debt free. Focus on how wonderful it will be as you go out and buy anything you want having no fear of over drafting your account.

These feelings of euphoria will draw large amounts of positive energy to you. Adding high vibrational energy while seeing yourself as a millionaire is vital to the new life you plan on living.

The Total Money Magnetism assists you in every effort to stay positive and uplifted. There will be times when bad things happen because it is part of life. But the goal is to transform the way you react to negative occurrences.

You cannot control what someone says to you, but you can control how you respond.

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The faster you can get back on track with feeling good, the sooner you will become accustomed to bringing your mind and body back into a state of high vibrational alignment.

This first step in the Total Money Magnetism might be challenging because it forces you to change the outlook you may have about money.

Some people believe it is the root of all evil and you should feel shameful for being so greedy. The thing is you are not meant to just work, pay bills and go to sleep. You have the right to have fun and live life to the fullest.

So if there is a way that you can have the financial means to do whatever you want, would you not want to take that first step and make a change?

It will take some practice to get fully engulfed in the Law of Attraction. You will learn more about this topic in the FREE Downloads.

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Why Use The Total Money Magnetism?

After researching how to increase your salary or earning potential, you may have come across some get rich quick schemes.

They tell you that your checking account will be overflowing overnight and your money problems will be the thing of the past with very little effort.

People who promote this kind of thinking are causing a lot of harm. If there were really a way to make a million dollars overnight, no one would be living paycheck-to-paycheck.

The Total Money Magnetism walks you through each of the six steps mentioned above in multiple modules.

Dr. Jones uses hypnotherapy techniques to help you absorb his information so you can get the most out of the course.

He has been doing this for years and built a large list of clientele that have had great success.

Dr. Jones is so confident in his program that he has a 60 day money back guarantee in case you decide the program is not to your liking.

Within the program, you will see photos of him with some of his clients, as well as testimonials.

He also has listings of TV shows he has been on. This is proof that Dr. Jones has built his authority over the years.

How To Become A Money Magnet?

As you read in the earlier portion of this Total Money Magnetism Review, you learned about the Law of Attraction.

It explains how your vibration determines whether you will experience good or bad situations throughout the day and how best to react to them.

The vibrational energy you exude will assist in drawing more money into your life. Money, just like everything else, is made of energy.

If you can develop a positive relationship with it, you will see it appear in various ways.

You could find a $5 bill on the ground as you head to the store. Your job could send you a bonus that you were not expecting.

Money will come to you if you know how to attract it.

Here are some suggestions you can do that will show you how to become a money magnet:

Method 1: Affirmations

Repeat uplifting affirmations throughout the day. These short to long phrases can be said either out loud or in your head.

The Total Money Magnetism incorporates positive phrases, but you can use any of the following outside of the course:

  • Large sums of money comes to be quickly and easily;
  • I deserve to be rich;
  • Things are always working out for me;
  • Today is a prosperous and joyful day;
  • Making money is so easy.

There are many websites that lists various affirmations that will keep your vibration high.

Do a search and write them down in a journal or on slips of paper so you will have them on hand.

Since Dr. Jones is a Hypnotherapist, his Total Money Magnetism course will utilize a set of uplifting statements to keep you thinking positively.

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Money affirmations for abundance and wealth

Method 2: Eat Healthy and Exercise Often

Consuming junk food and being complacent affects the energy that dwells within you. What you put into your body can either help or deter your progress.

Going out for a walk is a good start. If you like to stay inside, there are tons of walking at home videos on Youtube you can use.

Also, you can download exercise apps that mix up the kind of workout routine you could do on a daily basis.

Drinking water and eating fruits and vegetables are great towards losing weight. Cooking at home is also a good option since you will know what is inside your meals.

If you do not have the time, there are always healthy choices on the menu at your favorite restaurant.

Staying focused and being diligent is a major component of the Total Money Magnetism system.

When you eat and drink clean, you are removing toxins in your body that might impair your learning capabilities.

Some foods can have a negative affect on your ability to memorize and comprehend various content.

If you are able to find food that keeps your energy up and helps you focus, your chances of excelling increases.

Method 3: Podcasts, Videos and Music

The Total Money Magnetism has videos and calming music to go along with the lessons.

When you are driving to work or sitting at home, look for uplifting content that will keep you in better spirits.

There are numerous meditative music and affirmation videos you can listen to throughout the day and night.

Do a search on Youtube regarding the suggestions above and create folders on each topic.

Reading and/or listening to audio books on the Law of Attraction are some other options you can utilize to help you learn how to become a money magnet.

Money magnet with law of attraction

Total Money Magnetism: The 6 Steps To Succes

Dr. Jones has a free package that is based off of his Total Money Magnetism course.

In this review we will mention the six steps shortly. Below you will read the title of each section and a brief explanation of what it covers.

1. Visualizing Yourself As A Millionaire

Your first step is to close your eyes and picture yourself as a millionaire. Everyone has their own unique version of what one looks like and what they do for a living.

Figure out what you want to achieve this goal and envision it.

2. Valuing Your Time

One of the specific sections in the Total Money Magnetism course is how to properly manage your time.

Some people work well in the early morning and others late at night. Regardless of the time, schedule the rest of your other activities around this time block.

You will have the energy to complete the tasks for your new career with little interruption.

3. Receive Help From Successful People

If you want to be a millionaire, you must reach out to people who have already achieved that goal.

Read books, go to webinars and/or contact people directly.

You will learn more from them then someone who is heavily in debt and have no way of getting out of their situation.

4. Working Smarter

As you organize your schedule, try to separate minor tasks from the larger ones.

Viewing all of the work that needs to be done could be overwhelming. Separating what needs to be done first will put your mind at ease and reduce the amount of stress surrounding you.

It is normal to want to do everything yourself. But you might be allowing the minimal work overtake the time you need for bigger projects.

You may be better off hiring someone to do smaller tasks while you focus on more important work.

5. Cutting Out Procrastination

There are times you may want to watch TV, spend time with friends or play a game instead of working on your business. This often happens when the project feels a bit daunting and you simply cannot focus.

Putting off what needs to be done can be detrimental to accomplishing your goals. The Total Money Magnetism course provides techniques to keep you from procrastinating.

One example is to break down your work into smaller tasks. Another is to set a timer to help you work in short bursts to keep you motivated.

The goal is to stay focused and accomplish as much as you can within an allotted time.

6. Paying It Forward

The last section of the Total Money Magnetism system involves helping others. After you have reached your dreams and are living a great life, it is good to show gratitude by sharing your wealth and/or knowledge.

You can either donate to charities and other causes or create a product that helps others achieve their goals.

Someone took the time to help you and since your life has gotten better, it is now your time to improve someone else’s life.

The Free Download will give you more details on the topics listed in this section.

All you need to do is submit your name and email address. You will receive an email that holds a link to the eBook.

QUIZ: Do You Have A Millionaire’s Brain?

People who are millionaires have a different mindset from the average person. They try to find solutions to their problems instead of complaining.

Their time is spent reading and researching every aspect of their business so they can stay informed and accomplish more.

Everyone has the potential to be a millionaire but some need an extra push to get there.

Be honest with yourself. How would you answer the following questions?

  • Do you have positive or negative feelings towards millionaires?
  • Are most millionaires born rich or did they work hard for their wealth?
  • What kind of financial situation are your closest friends experiencing?
  • Who do you blame for your current income issues?
  • When you are not working, what do you do during your spare time?

These questions should give you an idea of where you stand when it comes to becoming a millionaire.

It is important to have an understanding of how money affects you as you begin to build your wealth.

To test your current millionaire mindset, Dr. Jones has created a short quiz that you can take for free.

Once completed, he will send you a free report explaining your current level of being a millionaire.

After reading your report, take some time to evaluate other areas of your life that might determine your mindset regarding money.

Test your billionaire mindset quiz

Why It Is Important To Take Action NOW

Becoming a millionaire will not happen with the snap of a finger. It takes a great deal of time, dedication and consistency.

The sooner you get started, the closer you will be to living the life you absolutely deserve.

Think about the many times you have thought about starting a new business but never took that first step.

Whether you are in your 30s or 60s, the best time to work towards being a millionaire was yesterday, but let’s focus on today instead.

After watching Dr. Jones Total Money Magnetism video and taking his quiz, review the additional information on his site.

His online course expands on the free content you have read in this Total Money Magnetism review.

The Total Money Magnetism Package

Questions About The Total Money Magnetism?

Do you have any questions about the principle behind the Total Money Magnetism?

I’m here to help. You can send an email to [email protected]