Among all the invented hypnosis approaches, the ‘Raikov Effect MP3 ‘s‘ are one of the popular yet the most recognized and effective hypnosis therapy that one can think of.

But what is it exactly? How does it work? And how will it benefit you?

This article will explain everything there is to know about the Raikov effect, including 5 Free Raikov Effect MP3 Hyposis Sessions.

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What is the Raikov Effect?

The Raikov Effect, invented by Vladimir Raikov

After hearing this psychological term, you’re probably wondering ‘what is the Raikov effect‘?

Well, to put it simply, The Raikov effect is a self-hypnosis assessment that is designed to boost the human brain’s ability and to lead them to believe that they already achieved that which they desire.

Dr. Vladimir Raikov, the Russian Neuropsychologist, invented the Raikov Effect around 1970.

The Russian Neurologist conducted research and found out that his method turned out to be powerful to the human psyche.

But what makes his technique so interesting?

Well, It’s no secret that most of us experience a certain amount of self-doubt and fear, some of which hinder us from making big steps within our careers.

The Raikov Effect, however, converted the tested individuals mindset into one of a person who truly believes in his / her own performance and capability.

In time, this long lasting ‘Raikov’ effect motivated th students to accomplish even bigger things, things that the they, before the experiment, didn’t even know they were capable of.

Typically, the Raikov effect intends to guide an individual to find his/her true self and inner-adaptability power.

Pondering the fact that it can manipulate one’s thinking easily and trigger the subconscious mind relatively.

It is claimed that Dr. Raikov could turn science students into fiercely believing they are music producers, simply by ‘transcending ones mind to a different dimension’.

What are the methods Raikov Effect Include?

Picture of a brain with blue and pink lines, illustrating the Raikov Effect Free Download

The primary goal behind using the Raikov effect is tricking the brain into believing that you already posses a certain skill and / or knowledge.

Since the creation of the Raikov Effect, its creator, Vladimir Raikov, only included three general methods in order to achieve such a goal.

Those three simple methods are:

1. Exploiting the imagination power

Raikov would use the person’s imagination power in such a convincing way that one would imagine himself as that person they are willing to become.

Whether it can be a musician or artist, it doesn’t matter; rather, it depends on the person’s own personal desires and imagination.

2. Inject traits or skills

After opening up one’s imagination, Raikov would use his ultimate verbal hypnosis commands to regress the candidate’s childhood memory, and manipulate them to swap or change it to the person the candidate always wanted to be.

This is known as the injection of traits or skills into the candidate’s mind, which allows them to believe that they genuinely have become that person.

3. put It In Practice

Completing the two steps mentioned above, Raikov would encourage the candidates to put the result in practice. According to him, this way they could fully understand the overall progress.

It’s worth mentioning that Raikov’s effect worked in almost all of the cases, but is not 100% guaranteed.

Just as with hypnosis, the eventual effectiveness is partially dependable of the openness of ones mind.

How to apply The Raikov Effect?

A woman listening to free Raikov Effect MP3 for changing her mindset.

As mentioned earlier, the Raikov Effect refers to the self-hypnosis assessment, which allows an individual to hypnotize themselves and ‘manipulate their mind’ into acquiring a desired skill or knowledge.

This whole self-hypnosis process of altering the subconscious mind includes a few steps. You can read more about these steps below.

1. Relax Your Mind

The first steps focuses on relaxing the mind. This is a crucial step in any self-hypnosis technique. Only when the mind is relaxed and free from conscious barriers can the subconscious mind become open for newly placed suggestions.

There are several ways to relax the mind, where the preferred method is decided individually. You could listen to soft music, for example.

While listening to calm music, you will be able to empty your mind so that your subconscious mind becomes open to new suggestions.

Another method is to relax your breathing frequency. This puts your mind in neutral mode, making your mind open up for new input as well.

2. Picture Yourself As The Person You Want TO Be

While listening to Raikov’s self-hypnosis MP3, you will be told to picture yourself in a scenario where you already possess the desired skill.

In this blog I already explained the importance and effectiveness of repetitive visualization.

According to brain scan studies, when use the same parts of the brain when we imagine something as when we are actually seeing.

Visualizing convinces the mind of a new self-perceived reality. As a result, your mind will slowly begin to generate the dimensional thoughts into your character.

3. Put Yourself On That Person’s Shoes

Suppose you want to become a music producer. In that case you consider the process of gaining talent from the best music producer.

You need to think like them, and the best way to do that is by putting yourself in the other person’s shoes.

Subsequently, your mind associated with your thinking will start to believe that you actually are that music producer.

Raikov’s self-hypnosis assessment even suggests its listeners to think, taste, and behave like that person.

4. Create Physical Anchor

As you listen to Raikov’s Hypnosis MP3’s, you will go alone through the entire process. There will be no psychologists near you to guide you through the hypnosis.

Under such circumstances, you may need to come up with an anchor to reality.

Usually, Raikov’s self-hypnosis MP3 suggests pressing the thumb with another finger in your hand, so that you can create a memory point to come back to the moment where you imagined yourself while listening to the audio MP3.

5. Take Action

Now the moment of truth. At this moment you can take the opportunity to embrace all the exclusiveness in your behavior and mind, which will eventually reward you with fulfillment.

It can take some time – and repetition – to achieve your goal, but at this point it is important to listen frequently to the Free Raikov Effect MP3’s and to stay dedicated and consistent.

Final Thoughts

Self-hypnosis has never been so easy, nor so advanced. When a person is willing to become the person they desire, the above mentioned Free Raikov Effect MP3’s are a great way to try it out.

While going through the transition, there is no need for you to stress over slow results. Every individual has a unique journey that requires a unique amount of time.

It can take some time – and repetition – to achieve your goal, but it’s important to stay dedicated and consistent.

In the end, isn’t the journey towards it just as important?

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But above all, to love yourself again.

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