Can your own thoughts make you fat? We’ll explain more in this article and what hypnotherapy for weight loss can do for you.

Gaining weight feels terrible. Especially when that favorite pair of jeans is suddenly suffocating your hips. Stubborn as you are, you still try to put it on, simply because you cannot accept the fact that you need a larger size.

Then comes that nerve-racking journey to the weighing scale. With pounding heartbeats you wait for the number. And then it hits you. The number is even higher than before. You instantly get a lump in your throat. Bye bye confidence!

How is this even possible? you think to yourself. You went to the gym 6 times this mon. Was it all for nothing?

Okay, maybe you skipped a few times, and that one day you didn’t really put in the effort, but you were still there. Was it all in vain?

Well, in case you forgot: Yes, you read the title right. Sometimes it’s not only body issues that need to be resolved.

Because yes, your own thoughts can make – and definitely keep – you fat!

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A woman eating unhealthy food from the fridge because her own thoughts make her fat. She needs hypnosis for weight loss.

The following thoughts keep us fat:

Once the scale displayed that horrible number, all your motivation went straight down the drain.

Why actually start at all? Those kilos will come back anyway. You still have 3 birthdays this month, a company dinner, a holiday weekend, and on Saturdays you don’t really feel like cooking.

But still, deep down, you really want to get rid of those annoying pounds.

The strange thing is that having this exact mindset (as mentioned above) already influences your body.

Somewhere deep down we hide negative and obstructing beliefs that keep us fat.

These beliefs are based on experiences, fears and habits stored in your childhood (0 to 4 years).

The most common beliefs among people who are overweight are:

  • You have to be perfect for the outside world, but you feel far from perfect.
  • You’re not important or interesting enough to other people.
  • If you get heavier, no one will love you anymore.
  • You have to be big and strong to survive in this life.
  • You’re not worth it. The world is better of without you.

Self destructing negative beliefs about oneself can make you fat - Hypnosis for weight loss

The power of the subconscious mind

All these beliefs are stored in our subconscious mind, which in turn is responsible for 95% of all our actions.

You have no direct influence on this whatsoever, but it can have a huge impact on your life nonetheless.

If you sincerely believe that you’re worthless, you will act on that unconsciously.

How many excuses have you made up to not go to the gym? To eventually devour a big bag of chips on the sofa?

Another important thing is the reason behind your desired weight loss. Think about this for a minute. Who is the person that you’re losing weight for? Is it really for you yourself? Or is it about the approval of others?

If you answered ‘yes’ on option number two, please tell me this: How can you change yourself if you don’t even do it for yourself?

What if you do change for you?

Although you cannot change your subconsciousness, there is a therapy that focuses on the subconscious mind, called hypnotherapy.

No, a hypnotherapist doesn’t wave a ball in front of you and turns you into a chicken. Nor does a hypnotherapist talk to dead people to ‘ask where the money’ is (yes, we really had been asked that question once).

Hypnotherapists eventually developed the ‘Virtual Gastric Band‘. This Virtual Gastric Band creates a certain mindset that is focussed on weight loss, in which the client truly believes that he or she has had an actual gastric band surgery.

As a result, the client eats smaller portions and feels full rather quickly, making hypnotherapy and weight loss a long-term solution for weight management.

And the addiction to candy, like chips, Cola, and Red Bull? Most clients get rid of that within the first two sessions.

A burger with fries and cola that can be prevented if you apply hypnosis for weight loss

Hypnotherapy for weight loss

It may sound like a bad American commercial for yet another “miracle method,” but the solution makes sense. Also realize that is simply a tool to effectively get you on the right track.

The negative beliefs in this subconscious mind, an actual part of your brain, now most likely form unconscious barriers to your physical development. Because secretly you do not want it yourself. Because you don’t supposedly deserve it.

A hypnotherapist will address these underlying beliefs through hypnosis. We convert them into positive beliefs, so that not only the waste process but also your life pattern changes positively.

You are no longer being chased by uncertainties and emotions toward weight, and you are going to learn to do things for yourself – and to love yourself.

Online hypnosis for weight loss

In the case that you do not have sufficient money or time to see a hypnotherapist, there are also many MP3’s available for online hypnosis for weight loss, helping you reach your own perfect weight easily from home.

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I hope this information has been helpful to you. I wish you all the best with your own journey of self-improvement. To retrieve positivity and joy.

But above all, to love yourself again.

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