Are you interested in Free Hypnosis MP3 ‘s?

For some people visiting a real hypnotherapist can be quite challenging. Maybe you live in a rural area, or perhaps your local hypnotherapist is just too expensive.

It’s quite disappointing to be aware of the crazy benefits of hypnosis while not being able to use it in your advantage at the same time.

In that case, this list of the Top 10 Free Hypnosis MP3’s can be a great alternative to physical hypnosis sessions.

Quick List: The Free Self Hypnosis Audio Downloads

For the fast readers among you, here’s a quick list of all downloads of this list.

Please note that all free hypnosis audio providers require you to leave your name and e-mail address before downloading.

  1. Raikov Effect
  2. Subliminal Guru
  3. Hypnosis Live
  5. Hypnosis Bootcamp
  6. Subliminal 360
  7. NLP Hero
  8. Brainwave Shots
  9. Zen12
  10. eHypnosis

Read further for a more in-depth description of each free self hypnosis audio, including its provider.

Download These Super-Effective Free Hypnosis MP3 ‘s

Just like with a real hypnotherapists, an online hypnosis audio places new suggestions into your subconscious mind that help with developing a happier, healthier or wealthier lifestyle.

Want to download free hypnosis MP3’s? Check out our list of Top 10 Free Hypnosis MP3 Downloads below.

1. Raikov Effect

The Self Hypnosis Download of Raikov Effect

Among all the invented hypnosis approaches, the Raikov Effect is one of the most popular ones so far. To put it simply, the Raikov effect is a self-hypnosis assessment designed to boost the human brain its ability, and to lead it to believe that it has already achieved exactly what it wishes to acquire.

It’s no secret that most of us experience a certain amount of self-doubt and anxiety. But sometimes these doubts are so strong that it severely hinders us from moving forward in our careers.

With the Raikov Effect, however, you can transform your own mindset into one that truly believes in your own performance and capability.

Dr. Vladimir Raikov, the Russian Neuropsychologist, invented the Raikov Effect around 1970. The Russian Neurologist conducted research and found out that his method turned out to be quite powerful to the human psyche.

Although it is told that the video was secret, Raikov revealed it and mixed it with the latest hypnotherapy technique. Modern therapists now use it to improve people’s lives and to accelerate productivity, creativity, and other essential aspects.

Click here to get free access to the clip or click on the button below to get the free self hypnosis ‘Powerful Body Hack for Instant Happiness‘.

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2. Subliminal Guru

List of Free Hypnosis MP3 & Self Hypnosis Audio from Subliminal Guru

Subliminal Guru hands out 2 free self hypnosis MP3’s to their newsletter subscribers. The company crafted their professional hypnosis audio’s in such a way that it can effectively help you with your complaint.

They have recordings for Increasing Self-confidence, Thinking Yourself Rich, Activating The Law of Attraction, Losing Weight Fast and more.

The self hypnosis audio provider combines effective affirmations with soft non-distracting music, transforming their recordings into unique and powerful tools to make changes into your subconsciousness.

You can click here to enter your email address and collect the best free hypnosis MP3’s available online.

3. Hypnosis Live

List of Free Hypnosis MP3 & Self Hypnosis Audio from Hypnosis Live

Hypnosis Live is another high-end self-hypnosis audio provider that assists people with working on various aspects of their lives. Like other hypnosis MP3 developers, Hypnosis Live works in a very simple yet effective way and has covered all the elements to improve the way of living.

They’re known for their quality sessions catalyzed with professional therapy techniques with a soothing voice. Julie-Ann Amos, a Master NLP practitioner and hypnotherapist, is the pioneer and creator of all the Hypnosis Live audios.

With her soothing British understandable accent, she has produced many recordings, varying from Finding your Life’s Purpose to Achieving your Goals.

In general, Hypnosis Live charges $22.95 for each session with a duration of 40+ minutes. However, if you sign up with your email address, you can receive a free hypnosis MP3 of your choice within 2 minutes.


Reboot to a Millionaire Mindset with the free self hypnosis mp3 from Reprogram.ME

Among all the audio hypnosis providers, can be listed as the most promising one in adhering to people’s requirements and providing therapy accordingly. offers free hypnosis audio’s originating from a 300-old year technique to rebooting your ideas on wealth and its perspective.

Other than wealth, also has versatile options for better life seekers. They catalyzed scientific explanations and modified versions of hypnosis coined by Franz Friedrich Anton Mesmer to stimulate wealth and abundance.

The free program is executed in 3 simple stages. First, it erases all the negative relationships to current wealth and abundance. Secondly, it initiates reprogramming your brain.

And finally, it requires repetition to maintain the best effect regarding the progression of wealth and abundance. All in all, influences people to deal with wealth and abundance and take many advantages of it.

5. Hypnosis Bootcamp

List of Free Hypnosis MP3 & Self Hypnosis Audio from Hypnosis Bootcamp

Hypnosis Bootcamp is best known for its free effective hypnosis MP3’s.

It focuses on unlocking your own true potential, so that you can start fulfilling your dreams rather than just thinking about it.

The free self-hypnosis recordings from Hypnosis Bootcamp are designed to remove all the blocks and obstacles from your subconscious mind and trigger your conscious mind to work on it progressively.

Also, it can open up the channel between you and the power of the universe, to create more opportunities to improve your lifestyle.

6. Subliminal 360

Taking full control over your emotions with Subliminal360

Sadly (or luckily?). life never stays the same. There are always ups and downs. Where others adapt efficiently, some fall back during stressful situation.

Whether it is about wealth, confidence, self-esteem, or body structure, hypnosis plays the most active role in supporting and assisting individuals in living their lives to the fullest.

Subliminal 360 offers the most comprehensive and top-notch audio self-hypnosis service to help you overcome the tough times in your life.

You can sign up with your email address to download 5 x FREE Brain Hacker MP3s, including Confidence, Weight Loss, Focus, Happiness and Wealth.

7. NLP Hero

A hero illustrated for the self hypnosis therapy of NLP Hero

NLP Hero applied the Neuro-Linguistic Programming technology to their self hypnosis aduio’s.

They crafted their hypnosis recordings in such a way that anyone can follow the ‘brain hacks’ accordingly, and take full control over your own mind.

The self hypnosis audio provider eventually created an effective solution to changing your behavior and your way of thinking, resulting in the development of the ‘Free 7 Minute Power Audio that Reprograms Your Brain for Total Confidence’.

This recording boosts your mindset in terms of achieving your goals and leading an optimistic life.

8. Brainwave Shots

List of Free Hypnosis MP3 & Self Hypnosis Audio from Brainwave Shots

Perhaps you’re currently in a certain mental state that you just have to get rid of, at any cost. I mean, psychological stress can afflict a a lot of pain to someone, which later can transform into long term consequences.

Brainwave Shots uses the most epic and effective technique to improve the quality of life. In addition, they apply Brainwave Sound’ techniques that helps with connecting to the subconscious mind easily.

You might be wondering if Brainwave Sounds affect your mindset or personality negatively. To immediately clarify this, you must know that after over 100 years of research, it is proven that brainwave sounds are not harmful in any way.

On the contrary actually. It simply helps to peacefully and effectively connect to the subconscious mind.

9. Zen12

Relax your mind with this free hypnosis MP3 of Zen12

Ever felt like travelling to a different dimension to find peace in your mind? Or do you want to escape the machine-like routine?

If you answered ‘yes’ to both questions, then meditation might be the perfect solution. Zen12 offers a free meditation audio’s that provides you with all the benefits of 1 hour’s meditation in just 12 minutes.

Simply sign up for free to get the MP3 emailed directly to you.

10. eHypnosis

Screenshot of the Homepage of eHypnosis that offer free self hypnosis audio

eHypnosis is one of the largest self hypnosis providers on the market. Luckily, just as with the other self hypnosis developers, they offer free recordings on their websites.

With a humble count of 32,773 downloads, one of their most popular free downloads is the ‘Reach Your Full Potential MP3‘.

This recording aims to skyrocket your creative visualization, helping you to become the powerful creator that you really are.

Bonus Site: Songs to Activate the Law of Attraction

Free Self Hypnosis Audio & Music for a happier and healthier lifestyle

To help you out a little extra, here’s another bonus site that’ll help you with achieving a better life.

Manifesting came up with this unique idea to catalyze songs and human psychology to produce extraordinary self-hypnosis assessment.

They offer free songs that set your life in ‘auto-pilot’ and let it drive through any pain without alarming your conscious mind.

Putting your life in auto-pilot doesn’t mean that you won’t have any control. Instead, it prevents stress from damaging your emotional well-being.

It allows you to think correctly and make perfect decisions in every possible way.

Here you can easily download their full album for free.

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Why listen to Free Hypnosis MP3 ‘s?

Thanks to the many effective and easily accessible treatments, hypnosis is no longer a scary or unknown term.

Since its introduction, it has emerged as one of the most effective techniques to help people with their psychological and mental complaints.

It is considered as the latest invention of technology, making hypnotherapy more convenient and affordable for everyone.

Moreover, it has become a useful technique as it allows an individual to implement self-hypnosis without melting pockets and stress on getting the best hypnotherapy service.


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The most attractive part of Hypnosis MP3’s is that you can listen to it wherever and whenever you want.

Think about relaxing on the sofa while listening to your ‘pocket-hypnotherapist’. Or a quick anti-anxiety treatment before heading into that important meeting.

Hypnosis MP3’s can truly be a nice alternative to real-life (more expensive) sessions. Do remember however, that a real session is always adjusted to your specific personal experiences, whereas a Free Hypnosis MP3 has a broader approach.

A real sessions dives deeper into the depths of your subconsciousness than a Hypnosis MP3 ever could.

Nevertheless, Free Hypnosis MP3’s have helped a lot of people over the years and its popularity is growing each day.

How to use Free Hypnosis MP3 ‘s?

In case you’ve downloaded a few recordings and are ready to listen, you can then put yourself into a comfortable position, preferably on a sofa, chair or bed.

Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while listening!

Next, plug in your headphones and follow the instructions given on the tape. Try to relax and breathe deeply, and block all noises from the environment around you.

You’ll slowly notice a sense of relaxation flowing through your body. One that goes deeper and deeper and deeper.

At this point you’re under hypnosis, meaning that your subconsciousness is open for new suggestions, given to you by your newly downloaded Free Self Hypnosis Audio.


You only live once! Keeping this in mind, you should always work on your personal development.

Stress, anxiety, and negativity can severely influence your happiness and quality of life.

In terms of solving all these complaints, hypnosis truly is the best solution.

Download your free self hypnosis MP3 ‘s from any of the websites above and listen to them repetitively for personal grwoth.

If interested, you can always decide to purchase the full self hypnosis programs for better long-lasting results.

I hope this information has been helpful to you. I wish you all the best in your journey of self-improvement!

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