Are you interested in Free Hypnosis MP3 ‘s?

For some people visiting a real hypnotherapist can be quite challenging. Maybe you live in a rural area, or perhaps your local hypnotherapist is just too expensive.

It’s quite disappointing to be aware of the crazy benefits of hypnosis while not being able to use it in your advantage at the same time.

In that case, free hypnosis MP3’s can be a great alternative to physical hypnosis sessions.


Download free hypnosis MP3 ‘s

Just like with a real hypnotherapists, an online hypnosis audio places new suggestions into your subconscious mind that help with developing a happier and healthier life.

Want to download free hypnosis MP3 ‘s? In the list below you’ll find several websites who offer their audio’s for free.

Click on the links below to download FREE Online Hypnosis MP3’s:

  1. Hypnosis Live
  2. Hypnosis Bootcamp
  3. SubliminalGuru
  4. Brainwave Shots

All you need to do is fill in your e-mail address and they will mail the recording(s) to you.

All 100% free. No previous purchase or credit card needed.

A sofa with earplugs and tea for a free hypnosis recording listening session

Hypnosis MP3 against social anxiety

In my other posts I’ve already described the 5 best websites for hypnosis MP3 ‘s,and how you can use them to train the power of your subconscious mind.

However, I do have another free and effective hypnosis MP3 in my arsenal. that specifically aims to help those with insecurity and / or social anxiety.

The reason I mention this in this post is because I’ve struggled with this anxiety myself and this recording has helped me out a lot.

That’s why I highly recommend the following free hypnosis audio for anyone struggling with confidence issues: free hypnosis MP3 against social anxiety.

I would like to emphasize that I did not create this free hypnosis MP3 myself. All credits go to Dr. Lisa Leit from ‘Happy Whole Human‘ on SoundCloud.

Hypnosis whenever you want

What if you could experience hypnosis where and whenever you want? Like relaxing on the sofa while listening to your pocket-hypnotherapist?

Or a quick anti-anxiety treatment before heading into that important meeting?

Hypnosis MP3’s can truly be a nice alternative to real-life (more expensive) sessions. Do remember however, that a real session is always adjusted to your specific personal experiences, whereas a Hypnosis MP3 has a broader approach.

A real sessions dives deeper into the depths of your subconsciousness than a Hypnosis MP3 ever could. Nevertheless, Hypnosis MP3’s have helped a lot of people over the years and its popularity is growing each day.

How to use the hypnosis MP3?

In case you’ve downloaded a few recordings and are ready to listen, you can then put yourself into a comfortable position, preferably on a sofa, chair or bed.

Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while listening!

Next, plug in your headphones and follow the instructions given on the tape. Try to relax and breathe deeply, and block all noises from the environment around you.

You’ll slowly notice a sense of relaxation flowing through your body. One that goes deeper and deeper and deeper.

At this point you’re under hypnosis, meaning that you’re subconsciousness is open for new suggestions, given to you by your newly downloaded Hypnosis MP3.

Other Self Hypnosis MP3’s

Do the previously mentioned hypnosis recordings not help with your specific complaint? Don’t worry. Luckily for us, there are many self hypnosis MP3’s available.

quiWhether you seek help for weight loss, social confidence, quitting with smoking, financial wealth or a stronger immune system.

I hope this information has been helpful to you and I wish you all the best with your journey of self-improvement. To retrieve positivity and joy again.

But above all, to love yourself.

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