What is heart-centered hypnotherapy and why is it so effective against certain types of trauma’s? Read more in this full article.

Heart-centered hypnotherapy focuses on the origin of a certain complaint. It aims to reach and heal that abandoned, afraid and / or secluded ‘inner child’ within us.

As a result, a heart-centered hypnotherapy session is usually responsible for an increased level of self-worthiness, self-acceptance and heart-centered love.

‘Regular’ hypnotherapy however treats mental & emotional problems through a light state of concentration that is used to sidestep our hyper-analytical conscious mind.

It doesn’t necessarily focus on the origin of the problem. Most hypnotherapist deem the solution of the trauma as far more important than its source.

In this article we’ll dive deeper into the possibilities of a heart-centered hypnotherapy session, and why it is so effective.

What is heart-centered hypnotherapy and why use it

What is Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy?

First things first. What is heart-centered hypnotherapy exactly? Well, to make a long story short; heart-centered Hypnotherapy is a form of therapy that discovers and heals any type of trauma.

It focuses on the emotions and body experiences related to the negative experience(s) and is especially effective for those who suffer from intense depression or other mental problems.

During a heart-centered hypnosis session, patients are delicately led back to the origin of their shame, fears, sadness and other emotions that lead up to their self-destructive behaviors.

When those emotions, as well as the causes of the client’s negative patterns and beliefs are reached, a hypnotherapist can make changes into the clients subconscious mind.

Another interesting fact is that a heart-centered hypnotherapy sessions, which typically lasts between 60 and 90 minutes, can deliver a profound healing that is equally experienced by the hypnotherapist ánd the client.

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Why not regular therapy instead?

Traditional ‘talk therapy’ is restricted to the highly analytical left side of the brain and frontal cortex. Heart centered hypnotherapy, by contrast, is more integrative. It incorporates both of the brain’s hemispheres together with the lower brain stem and extends even to the frontal cortex.

The incorporation of all sides of the brain, together with the unconscious and the conscious, is capable of creating deeper awareness and resolving what seem to be never ending life struggles on an a deeper level.

A heart shaped by crayon dust illustrating what is heart-centered hypnotherapy and why it is effective

So, why Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy?

Lately, the popularity of heart-centered hypnotherapy as a viable method for treating psychological and health problems has increased.

In fact, it’s now being regarded as more effective than ‘simple’ hypnosis, which often has more difficulties with finding the root of the fundamental problem.

Judging by industry trends, heart-centered hypnotherapy techniques are now getting recognized as the most effective process for healing various common conditions, such as:

  • Addiction;
  • Weight Loss;
  • Trauma;
  • PTSD.

Another advantage of heart-centered hypnotherapy is that both the client and hypnotherapist learn from the active changes through amplified awareness and inspiration.

With integral elements like meditation and regression techniques, each hypnotherapy session is mutually beneficial for both client and practitioner.

Furthermore, the heart-centered hypnotherapy process can be adjusted for almost every client to provide him/her with the most integrative restorative experience.

This means the process can be customized to deliver the most results for each client.

Treating addictions with heart-centered hypnosis

Are you acquainted with people who are addicted to over-eating, alcohol, sex or whatsoever? Those addictions are mostly fueled by unfulfilled needs in combination with a fear that is based on that unsatisfied need.

For example, a person may overeat as a resistance against loneliness or the fear of being abandoned. With age regression hypnotherapy, it’s possible to retrace the origin of this fear of abandonment as a solitary child, for example, when he or she was detached from the parents for a (very) long time.

Curing that trauma removes the huge life-and-death emotion connected to the seclusion experience, thereby reducing the magnitude of resistance he has been employing to deal with it.


Heart centered hypnotherapy for weight loss

Of course, the best way to achieve weight loss is through sufficient exercise and a healthy diet. But easier said than done, right?

Heart centered hypnotherapy for weight loss could ease up that process by eliminating precluding negative self-beliefs.

Because, well, most individuals who desire to lose weight typically possess a few self-destructive behavior patterns

Heart-centered hypnotherapy can free you from behaviors that are caused by negative affirmations, and can be an inspiring way to give someone that extra mental boost that is often needed.

Trauma & Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Physical trauma creates an abrupt gap in emotional and cognitive experience that usually remains after the trauma has ended.

This often leads to symptoms like responsiveness-numbing, invasive reliving of the event as if it were happening again, psychogenic amnesia, and hypersensitivity to stimuli.

Heart-centered hypnotherapy helps treat PTSD effectively because it allows memories that may otherwise be excluded from consciousness to be accessible in a controlled manner.

Through the process, memories can be restructured via remedial re-experiencing of the shock.

Heart-centered hypnotherapy also offers somatic awareness access and effective environmental stimuli filtering simultaneously.

This allows a person to retrace the initiating traumas and fix the interrupted reaction of the nervous system responsible for the current symptoms of PTSD.


Anxiety & Stress Management

Do you have any anxiety or phobias? Most anxieties stem from an earlier trauma. This means that heart-centered hypnotherapy can be a potent method to cure the trauma and get rid of the anxiety.

As a potent anti-anxiety force, hypnotherapy treats phobias, stress, fears and anxiety rather effectively.

Due to a relaxed nervous system, a hypnotherapist can calm the somatic conditions that are capable of triggering anxiety and / or chronic pain.


For more than three decades now, hypnotherapists in the US and the world over have been using heart-centered hypnotherapy to heal clients with (severe) trauma’s.

It focuses on the origin of trauma’s and aims to heal that abandoned, afraid or secluded ‘inner child’ within us.

Every ‘HCH’ session starts with an unconditional love in the center of the administering therapist’s heart, which then suffuses into the mind, heart and soul of the suffering client.

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